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A gift to the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific is a gift to the future. Every donation increases the potential of the College’s exceptional community of students and researchers to contribute to the future of scholarship on Asia and the Pacific.

If you would like to support the College through a philanthropic contribution please contact Jason Ketter, Head of Advancement, the College of Asia and the Pacific or to make a gift online please see the giving page.


College of Asia and the Pacific Wide Funds

D CP970 01
A J R Yencken Prize
Awarded for highest thesis mark as part of any of the Honours course offered by College of Asia and the Pacific.
E CP107 01
Australian Centre on China in the World
Support innovative research and training on China
E CP970 06
ANU Korean Institute Endowment
Support projects to extend and enhance the teaching of Korean language and a wide range of Korean-related subjects.
D CP970 02
Asia and the Pacific Travel Grant
Support for students to travel to Asia or the Pacific for research or education activities that will benefit their knowledge and understanding of the region.  For undergraduate and post graduate.
E CP970 03
Asian Studies Association of Australia Endowment
Support excellence in scholarship and research in the field of Asian Studies.
E CP970 14
Australian Federation of Graduate Women - NSW (Canberra) Prize
For the female student who achieved the best result as shown by the award of the highest mark in first class honours in College of Asia and the Pacific.
E CP970 13
Bhati Family India Travel Grant Endowment
Supports current ANU students from any discipline undertaking research for which they need to travel to India.
E CP970 09
CAP Scholarships
Support Scholarships at undergraduate, Honours and Post-Graduate levels within the College of Asia & the Pacific. 
E CP970 12
CAP Scholarships
Study grant that aims to assist students who are engaged in postgraduate study of Asia and the Pacific, with special emphasis on Indonesia.
E CP970 11
Donor Prizes
Support prizes at undergraduate, honours or masters levels and post-graduate level.
E CP970 10
Garrurru Endowment
Ongoing financial and pastoral support to postgraduate Indigenous students to study with the College of the Asia and the Pacific.
D CP970 05
Grimshaw Endowment
For art to enhance the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies accommodation
E CP970 05 
Hank Nelson Memorial Endowment
For the best Higher Degree Research (Master or Phd) thesis submitted by any student, internationally, on any aspect of Papua New Guinea's history, politics and society.
E CP970 04
Jamie Mackie Endowment
Scholarship to promote research in; Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Australian engagement in our region and racial respect and tolerance.
E CP970 07
Pacific Institute Endowment
Support the higher education of Pacific Islanders, and research on Pacific-related topics.
E CP970 02
Sochon Foundation Graduate Scholarships in Korean Studies
Scholarship is for a student undertaking a full-time post-graduate program in Korean Studies.
E CP970 08
S.T. Lee Lecture on Asia and the Pacific
An annual lecture for a distinguished figure from the Asia-Pacific to speak on developments or trends in the region.

Crawford School Funds

D 53570 01
Crawford School of Public Policy Fund
The purpose of the fund is to provide support for the School. Funds are spent at the discretion of the Director of the School for the most pressing needs and highest priorities of the School.
E 53200 01
Australian-Japan Research Centre Endowment Fund
Support research to explore and improve understanding of the economies and economic policy processes in Australia and Japan and both countries' strategic interests in the Asia Pacific economy.
D 53802 03
Development Policy Centre Endowment
For ongoing research and analysis into gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea at the Development Policy Centre.
D 53802 02
Dr Claire Clark Scholarship
For post-graduate research in International Relations and/or public policy
D 53200 01
East Asia Forum Endowment
Endowment supports the operation of the East Asia Forum website and publication
Q 53600 A6
Harold Mitchell Foundation- Development Policy Centre
Funds the core costs of running the Development Policy Centre including salaries, seminars, travel and other costs related to research, evaluation, and public and policy engagement. DevPolicy will host an annual Harold Mitchell Development Policy Lecture.
D 53802 05 
Hilda John Endowment 
Support the ongoing activities of the Global Water Forum.   
D 53802 04
Hilda John Endowment
Support for research/development in environmental matters with a focus on land, water & problems with salinity.
E 53802 02
John Grenfell Crawford Endowment
To be used for (a) visiting fellowships in ANU College of Asia & the Pacific for indigenous teaching academics or civil servants from Asian countries and Papua New Guinea in general fields of agricultural economic development or trade policies in developing economies; (b) supplementation of the capital in the existing J.G Crawford Prize fund; and (c) a prize to be awarded in the Faculty of Science for the best female graduate each year, the prize to be called the Janet Elspeth Crawford Prize.
E 53200 02
PAFTAD Conference Endowment
Support the activities of the Pacific Area Forum on Trade and Development (PAFTAD) Conference.
E 53802 04
Papua New Guinea and Pacific Scholars Endowment
Support the development of students and emerging scholars from the Pacific and Papua New Guinea in the area of international and development economics.
E 53803 01
Peter Andren Ethics Prize
Support students to take an interest in, and strive for, higher ethical standards in politics, government and public policy.
E 53200 04
Peter Drysdale Research
For research and activities in the name of Professor Peter Drysdale.
E 53802 01
Rajiv Gandhi Chair Endowment
Support a Chair of South Asian Economics. The Chair will be the centre of the ANU Australian South Asia Research Centre .
E 53802 03
Rio Tinto - ANU China Partnership Endowment
Support understanding of Chinese social and economic issues, and strengthen research and teaching of the Chinese economy.
D 53355 01
Tax and Transfer Policy Institute 
Support Tax and Transfer policy research
E 45240 01
Transformation of Communist Systems Project
Promote research, academic discourse and training in the area of political, economic and social transformation of communist and post-communist systems, including foreign and national and international security policy issues of the transformation process

The Coral Bell School Funds

D 45210 01 
Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs Fund
The purpose of the fund is to provide support for the School. Funds are spent at the discretion of the Director of the School for the most pressing needs and highest priorities of the School.
D 45230 01
Ball Strategic Endowment
Endowment supports a Chair in Strategy.
E 45240 02
Ben & Melinda Tria Kerkvliet Southeast Asia Research Endowment
For research on a Southeast Asian country with preference given to the Philippines and Vietnam by Political and Social Change faculty and/or PhD student.
E 45230 01
Clark Davis Ivins Memorial Prize for Security Studies
Awarded to student in Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Security or Bachelor of International Security who achieved highest average mark across furst year security studies courses. 
D 45230 02
ISP Fellowship Travel Fund
Support the participation in the International Security Program Fellowship at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, in the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet)

D 45120 02
School of Regulation and Global Governance Fund
The purpose of the fund is to provide support for the School. Funds are spent at the discretion of the Director of the School for the most pressing needs and highest priorities of the School.
E 45110 01
Asia Pacific College of Diplomacy Endowment
The purpose of this gift is to establish an endowed scholarship.
D 45120 01
Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet) Endowment
Assists higher degree by research students, who are studying at the Regulatory Institutions Network with research, thesis and travel grants.
E 45974 04 
RegNet Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition Fund
Support law students to travel to Tokyo to compete in the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition (INC), Japan's peak international mooting competition.

School of Culture, History and Language Funds

D 64510 04
School of Culture, History, & Language Fund
The purpose of the fund is to provide support for the School. Funds are spent at the discretion of the Director of the School for the most pressing needs and highest priorities of the School.
E 64510 03
Anderson - Yamanaka Endowment
Scholarship for students of Japanese Law and/or Pacific Studies
E 64510 05
Ann Bates Prize for Indonesian Studies
Awarded to best undergraduate work relating to Indonesia, and highest quality PhD on a topic related to Indonesia.
E 64510 02
ANU Chinese Language Scholarships
Awarded to the the student who achieves the best overall result in the course Modern Chinese 2
D 64510 01
ANU Vietnam Writing Fellowship
Support early career researchers, preferably from ASEAN nations, who wish to write book-length research on Vietnam.
D 45730 01
Australia Indonesia Association Prize
Awarded to the best overall average mark for courses taken in third year Indonesian.
Journal of Pacific History Endowment
The purpose of this Endowment is to support an editorial assistant to the Journal of Pacific History within the School of Culture, History & Language.
E 64510 04
Eric Klestadt Prize for Japanese
Awarded to the student who achieves the highest mark in the four most advanced Japanese language courses
E 64510 10
Jack Golson Endowment
Support the biennial Jack Golson Public Lecture Series in the discipline of Archaeology.
E 64510 06
Jennifer Cushman Memorial Endowment
Helping PhD fieldwork costs for a scholar from any university working on Chinese or South East Asia, fund an ANU scholarship/visiting fellowship or fund visits to ANU or Cornell to promote closer ties.
E 64510 07
Korea Foundation Endowment
Support a Chair in Korean Studies.
E 64510 08
Morrison Oration Lectures
Support the George Ernest Morrison Lecture series to improve cultural relations between China and Australia.
D 64510 03
Naoki Matsumoto Consultancy Prize for Japanese and Political Science
Awarded to the student with the highest averaged results of the two most advanced Japanese language courses undertaken as a major in the degree program.
E 64510 09
Sir Raymond Firth Prize
Support two annual prizes: The Sir Raymond Firth Thesis Prize, and The Sir Raymond Firth Travel Award. For excellent PhD theses by Anthropology Students in the School of Culture, History and Language.
E 64510 01
Stephen & Helen Wurm Endowment
For outstanding postgraduate field research in Linguistics in Papua New Guinea or the Pacific Islands.

To make a contribution to any of these funds givingonline Following the example below, you can specify the fund you are donating to by copying the project code and fund name into the description box 

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