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Japanese Government raise threshold for ‘safe’ radiation for children

Child checked for radiation in Japan

As radiation continues to leak from the stricken Fukushima No. 1 power plant, Japan’s Ministry of Education has responded… by raising the threshold of radiation deemed “safe” for schoolchildren in the surrounding areas to a level far above that recognised by international agencies. The response is a rapidly growing protest movement spearheaded by mothers in the affected areas, who are outraged that the Ministry is authorising their children to be exposed to radiation doses around 8 times the level of natural background radiation. In place of this policy, which will protect the power company from future claims of damage to children’s health, they call on the government to establish relocation schemes or plans to remove radioactive topsoil from school grounds.
A campaign has been set up called ‘Moms to Save Children from Radiation’. To learn more about and support this campaign, see:

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