Dr Peter McCawley receives the Order of Australia

Peter McCawley Order of Australia

Congratulations to Dr Peter McCawley who on Australia Day 2019 has been appointed as Member (AM) of the Order of Australia for his significant service to the Asia-Pacific region through economic advisory roles.

Peter McCawley is an economist who has worked on Indonesian and Asian economic issues for many years. He is currently a visiting fellow in the Indonesia Project, ANU, and has recently (2014-2017) been Principal Author for a book about the 50-year history of the Asian Development Bank, based in Manila.

His most recent work in Indonesia (2011-2013) has been with the SEADI (USAID) project in Jakarta as an economic advisor in the National Planning Board (Bappenas). Earlier, on several occasions he worked as an adviser in the Ministry of Finance in Jakarta in projects with the World Bank and the Indonesian Ministry of Finance.

He has a PhD in economics from the ANU (1972). He later taught at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta in the early 1970s before returning to the ANU and becoming head of Indonesia Project, ANU. In 1986 he joined AusAID as a Deputy Director General and later became an executive director on the board of the Asian Development Bank in Manila.

He has worked as a ministerial adviser in Canberra to several Treasurers of Australia (Bill Hayden and John Kerin) and has provided many articles to the Australian media.

He was dean of the Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo in 2003-2007. He has written a number of books and numerous articles about the Indonesian economy and other aspects of Asian economic development.

Listen to SBS radio interview with Dr McCawley and Sri Dean regarding Dr McCawley’s contribution to the Indonesia’s development throughout the years. (the interview is in Indonesian language).

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