Indonesia Project News no 26, July-December 2018

Sri Mulyani Indrawati Indonesian Finance Minister at ANU Indonesia Project


ANU Indonesia Project hosted an important visit by the Indonesian Minister of Finance, Her Excellency Dr Sri Mulyani Indrawati, and the high level delegation from the Ministry of Finance on 5 November 2018. Dr Sri Mulyani held a policy dialogue with ANU academics on the topic of recent economics developments in Indonesia with emphasis on the Balance of Payments, investment policy, industrialisation, and human capital. Following this, Dr Indrawati delivered a public lecture titled Human capital development in the digitalisation era. Video and presentation material are available for download.



Hadi Soesastro Policy Forum


The sixth Hadi Soesastro Policy Forum was held in Jakarta on 9 July, co-hosted together with the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The Hadi Soesastro Lecture titled Joining global production network: has Indonesia missed the boat? was delivered by Prema-chandra Athukorala from ANU. The 2017 Update book, Indonesia in the new world: globalisation, nationalism and sovereignty, was launched in this event by Dr Mardiasmo, Indonesian Deputy Minister of Finance, followed with a book discussion. This was one of the largest Forums to date, with close to 200 people attending, including people from various government representatives, academics, non-governmental organisations, research institutes and media.

The 2017 Update book was also launched at Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar on 11 July by the Australian Consul General Richard Matthews. In his speech, Mr Matthews reiterated the importance of Indonesia Updates and Update books in disseminating and engaging the society on various important research on Indonesia.

Prema-chandra Athukorala also delivered a public lecture at Universitas Udayana on the topic of global production networks on 10 July.


The 2018 Indonesia Update


The theme for the 2018 Indonesia Update was Contentious belonging: the place of minorities in Indonesia and it was held on 14-15 September. The conference was convened by Greg Fealy from ANU and Ronit Ricci from ANU and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The conference recorded 557 registered participants, with a significant number of participants from the government, non-government organisation, private sectors and academics. Professor Robert Cribb delivered the keynote address, titled Ambiguous advantage: minority status in Indonesian history. A complete report on the Update is available from this post, video and presentation downloads are available from this page.

An Indonesia Update Roundtable with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was held a day before the main Indonesia Update. This was attended by Thushara Dibley, Antoni Tsaputra, Sandra Hamid and Charlotte Setijadi, together with Greg Fealy and Blane Lewis. Thushara and Antoni discussed disability issues in Indonesia, Sandra on religious minorities and Charlotte on the issues of Chinese minorities.

A Mini Indonesia Update was held at the Lowy Institute on 17 September where several speakers from the main Update spoke including Ross McLeod, Thomas Power, Robert Cribb and Sidney Jones.

The 2018 Melbourne Mini-Indonesia Update was held on 18 September at the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society (CILIS), The University of Melbourne. Presentations were delivered by four speakers from the main Indonesia Update, Thomas Power, Saskia Wieringa, Antoni Tsaputra and Tim Lindsey.



The August 2018 issue (54.2) of the Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES) opened with Budy P. Resosudarmo and Abdurohman’s Survey of Recent Developments on Indonesia’s stubborn growth rate. Other articles discussed value-chain connectivity, renewable energy, rural stagnation in eastern Indonesia, and the effect of premarital sex on marriage age.

The December issue (54.3) included an evaluation of Indonesia’s key economic policies, by Ross H. McLeod and Sitta Rosdaniah, as well as Thomas P. Power’s politics paper on Jokowi’s authoritarian turn and the decline of democracy in Indonesia. Other articles discussed sustainable development, the power supply in Tanjung Pinang, and the perceived benefits of farmer certification and organisations.

To read, submit, or subscribe to BIES, visit Taylor & Francis Online. You can also follow the journal on Twitter and Facebook.

The sixth BIES Dialogue was held on 13 November in Bandung and hosted by the Center for Economic and Development Studies, Universitas Padjadjaran. The topic was Early educational experience and later education outcomes: evidence from school transition in Indonesia, based on a journal article to be published in the BIES by Teguh Yudo Wicaksono and Firman Witoelar. The BIES Forums on the same topic were held at Universitas Sriwijaya on 14 November and at Universitas Diponegoro on 15 November. Professor Budy Resosudarmo provided advice to the audience on how to write a good academic article.




2018 - Hadi Soesastro Prize by Deasy Pane copy

Firman Witoelar joins ANU Indonesia Project as Fellow in November. Firman was previously the Director of Research at SurveyMETER in Indonesia. In October, we also welcome Olivia Cable as acting Project Manager as Kate McLinton is taking maternity leave.

Deasy Pane and Adrianus Hendrawan are the 2018 recipients of the Hadi Soesastro Prizes. Deasy and Adrianus are PhD students under the supervision of Arianto Patunru and Blane Lewis and both are actively involved at the Project.

Congratulations to Yessi Vadila and Rus’an Nasrudin, both PhD students under Budy Resosudarmo’s supervision, for submitting their dissertations.

Blane Lewis has been engaged by the World Bank in Washington DC to assist in the design and execution of a major study of intergovernmental performance-based grants in the education sector across various countries of the world.

In October, we helped the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific organised a fundraising for the Red Cross Indonesia Earthquakes and Tsunami Appeal. The event raised $1178.25 to help those affected by the natural disasters.

More news on staff, teaching, publications and media mentions are available on the on this page.



Forum Kajian Pembangunan (FKP-Development Study Forum) in Indonesia held 21 seminars in the second half of 2018. The FKP was instrumental in staging many important seminars during this period, including the BIES Economic Dialogue and Forums, a half-day seminar on disasters in Indonesia, and a special lecture on economic impact assessment by Professor Geoffrey Hewings from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Almost 50 per cent of the recorded attendance in the FKP seminars are female. A complete report of FKP seminars in the second semester of 2018 is available. The FKP is a consortium of various institutions in Indonesia, in collaboration with ANU Indonesia Project, who holds a series of research based policy forums discussing research outcomes related to topical policy issues in Indonesia.

Eight Indonesia Study Group seminars held in the second half of 2018. There were several notable seminars including a seminar on women police in Indonesia by Sharyn Graham Davies from Auckland University of Technology, a seminar on the institutional renewal of family planning program in Indonesia by Terry Hull from ANU, and lastly, a seminar on Indonesia’s apocalyptic discourses and how the exposure to those affects Muslim audiences by Greg Fealy from ANU.


Ad-hoc seminars and meetings

ANU Indonesia Project supported and participated in the 2018 Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) conference in Solo on 23-24 July. Sarah Dong held a two-day workshop on quantitative policy impact evaluation, Rus’an Nasrudin and Yulia Indri Sari each presented a paper, and Budy Resosudarmo delivered the welcoming speech.

Together with The Treasury, the Project hosted a special seminar titled The 2016 Financial system crisis prevention and mitigation Act and what it means for the Indonesian Financial Sector at ANU on 9 August with a delegation of senior Indonesian officials. It was noted that a delegation had read all of Ross McLeod’s published articles on these episodes as inputs to deliberations on the new law. In September, Ross McLeod met with the entire team of Secretariat of the Financial System Stability Committee and held an informal roundtable session to exchange ideas and information on the new Law on Prevention and Mitigation of Financial System Crises.

In July, Sarah Dong presented her research on the impact of economic crisis in Indonesia on husbands and wives at the 2018 Australian Economic Conference (ACE 2018).

Arianto Patunru, Greg Fealy and Budy Resosudarmo attended a roundtable brief with the Australian Capital Territory government on 17 August. Dr Patunru also attended a roundtable with the Australian Bureau of Economic Research on 24 October. On 25 October, Arianto Patunru was invited to speak to a selected group of students, recipients of the Australian government scholarship. In December, Dr Patunru participated in the Annual International Forum on Economic Development and Public Policy (AIFED) in Bali.

Budy Resosudarmo was invited to speak about lessons learned from ANU to help improve the quality of Indonesian universities at the Association of Indonesian Faculty of Economics and Business (AFEBI) sixth congress on 25 October in Surabaya.

ANU Indonesia Project together with the Indonesia Institute hosted a special report launching of Perth USAsia Centre on 20 September, titled Expanding horizons: Indonesia’s regional engagement in the Indo-Pacific era.

Selected academics and students held a discussion with Mr Djatmiko Witjaksono from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade on 4 October to discuss trade related topics and current global economic challenges.

A Mini-Indonesia Update discussing recent political and economic developments in Indonesia was held at Kyoto University on 15 October, at which two of the speakers from the main Indonesia Update conference, Ross McLeod and Marcus Mietzner, repeat the presentations on recent economic developments and on religious minorities in Indonesia.

Hal Hill and three ANU Indonesia Project PhD candidates, Donny Pasaribu, Deasy Pane and Ruth Nikijuluw attended the 16th bi-annual convention of the East Asian Economic Association (EAEA) at the National Taiwan University, Taipei on 27-28 October. Hal Hill was appointed as the new president of the EAEA committee.

Anna Falentina, another ANU Indonesia Project PhD candidate, attended the Sustainability and Development Conference at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor on 9-11 November. Anna presented two papers on the impact of electricity blackouts on the performance of small-sized manufacturing enterprises and on digitalisation and the performance of micro and small enterprises in Yogyakarta.


Visiting Fellowships

Hefrizal Hendra from Universitas Andalas visited in July-August. He presented an Indonesia Study Group seminar on the role of village fund in reducing poverty in Indonesia.  Sitta Rosdaniah visited in September to co-write the December edition of the Survey of recent developments with Ross McLeod and to present at the 2018 Indonesia Update. Rhita Simorangkir from Charles University, Prague, visited in September-October and presented some preliminary findings of her paper titled Poverty alleviation can be an effective conservation strategy, in a Trade and Development seminar on 2 October.





In lieu of another round of Research Grants, ANU Indonesia Project is organising a workshop of past research grants in Indonesia.

Call for applications for Research Travel Grants, 31 March

Call for applications for Visiting Fellowships, 31 March

High Level Policy Dialogue, 7 May (tentative)

Hadi Soesastro Policy Forum and 2018 Update book launches, July

Sadli Lecture, 20 August

Mubyarto Public Policy Forum, 21 August

2019 Indonesia Update, 6-7 September