Indonesia Study Group

Jakarta Seminars
Joint seminars with various institutions in Indonesia.Seminars from past years:

Nurkemala Muliani
Indonesia Project
(02) 6125 5954

Meetings are held from 12.30 to 2.00 pm in the Arndt Room (Seminar Room B), Coombs Building, Fellows Road, ANU (unless otherwise specified).

ISG presentations (audio and visuals) are generally available soon after the event for download from the links below.

The committee welcomes suggestions for seminar speakers and topics. Please contact any of us:

Committee for 2018

Ed Aspinall x55915
Sarah (Xue) Dong x53756
Greg Fealy x52302
John McCarthy x50494
Marcus Mietzner x57241
Arianto Patunru x59786
Thomas Power x52259
Deasy Pane x52928
Ross Tapsell x53677
Ariane Utomo x52220

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Upcoming seminars

Date Title Presenter
McDonald Room, Menzies Library, #2 McDonald Place, ANU
Survivor testimonies of torture and mapping incidents of violence during the New Order

Annie Pohlman (The University of Queensland)

Previous seminars

Date Title Presenter
Seminar Room 1, WEH Stanner Building #37, Lennox Crossing, ANU
Indonesia’s anachronistic insistence on national food security

Rainer Heufers (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies) and Arianto Patunru (ANU Indonesia Project)
Lecture theatre 1.04, HC Coombs Extension Building #8, Fellows Road, ANU
How dangerous are Indonesian ISIS returnees and deportees?

Solahudin (Center for Terrorism & Social Conflict Studies, Universitas Indonesia; Institute for the Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC))
Seminar Room B, HC Coombs Building #9, Fellows Road, ANU
Citizens, migrants and the new trans-nationalism among Indonesians in Timor-Leste

Andrey Damaledo, (ANU)
Seminar Room B, HC Coombs Building #9, Fellows Road, ANU
Survey of recent development in Indonesia

Ian Coxhead
Lecture Theatre 1.04, HC Coombs Extension Building #8, Fellows Road, ANU
Anti-sinicism and support for foreign investment in Indonesia

Diego Fossati