PhD abstracts

From 2003 to 2015, BIES published 500-word abstracts of recently completed doctoral theses on the Indonesian economy and related fields. In doing so, it brought significant new research, and the authors of such work—including M. Chatib Basri (2003), Suahasil Nazara (2005), and Yuri Sato (2005)—to the notice of readers.

In 2016, this series moved online, to this site, but we continue to encourage new PhDs to submit thesis abstracts for publication. Abstracts must be in English, although the thesis itself may be in any language. The subject must be economics in Indonesia, widely interpreted to include fields such as law, the environment, government and politics, demography, education, and health. Comparative country studies that focus particularly on Indonesia are also acceptable. Theses must have been accepted to be eligible.

Submissions should include the name and contact details of the student’s supervisor (not for publication) to allow confirmation of eligibility. They should indicate the year of acceptance of the thesis, the name of the conferring institution, and the author’s email address, and should be sent to

BIES readers, especially former advisers of doctoral candidates, are kindly requested to bring this series to the attention of new PhDs, or to advise the editors if they are aware of recently completed theses that may be suitable for inclusion.

Read our PhD abstracts from 2013 onwards. Earlier abstracts, from 2003–12, will be progressively added to this site.

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