ANU Indonesia Project visits Hasanuddin University, Sebelas Maret University and Bogor Agricultural University

2017 01 20 - ANU Indonesia Project at Sebelas Maret 3

Budy Resosudarmo from ANU Indonesia Project giving seminar at Sebelas Maret University.


In January 2017, the Head of the ANU Indonesia Project visited the economics faculties of three universities in Indonesia to hold discussions with their academic staff about ways to reform their economics programs (jurusan ekonomi) so their products better equip students who might want to pursue a higher degree abroad, particularly in Australia.  The faculties visited were the Faculties of Economics at Hasanuddin University (17 January 2017), Sebelas Maret University (20 January 2017) and Bogor Agricultural University, or Institut Pertanian Bogor – IPB, (26 January 2017).  The discussions focused mainly on how to raise the quality of current economic courses being taught at those universities to a level close to the G8 Universities in Australia, as well as to give students in their economics programs a stronger mathematical background.  During these meetings, it emerged that a fairly significant number of faculty members have never studied at universities at the level of G8 Australian universities, which poses problems regarding reforming their economics programs. Another challenge regards how to create a collaborative program between economics and mathematics departments at these universities.

Budy Resosudarmo from ANU Indonesia Project at Bogor Agricultural Institute

Budy Resosudarmo from ANU Indonesia Project at Bogor Agricultural Institute


At both Hasanuddin and Sebelas Maret Universities, approximately 20 faculty members attended the meeting.  At Bogor Agricultural University, approximately 50 faculty members and post graduate students attended.  At the meeting in Bogor, Budy also presented his work on the impact of traditional social institutions and human development outcomes.  At all of these Universities, the main results of the discussions were reported to the dean of their faculties of economics.