BIES Economic Dialogue and Forum at five Indonesian universities, 11-18 December 2017

BIES Economi Forum 12-18 December poster

The Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES) has been published by the ANU Indonesia Project since 1965. It is currently in the top 20 area studies journal in the world and in the top 15 Asian studies journals.

In collaboration with several universities in Indonesia, on 11-18 December 2017, the ANU Indonesia Project will convene the BIES Economic Dialogue and Forum. The events will be based on a paper by Professor Stephen Marks (Pomona College, USA) entitled Non-tariff trade regulations in Indonesia: nominal and effective rates of protection which will be published in the December 2017 issue of BIES. The abstract of the paper is as follows:

Non-tariff regulations on imports and exports have spread in Indonesia since 2011. I report findings of a study of many of these regulations, in which a variety of methods were used to estimate the associated nominal rates of protection. These findings were then used to estimate effective rates of protection (ERPs) across 140 tradable-goods sectors in the Indonesian economy in early 2015, taking into account the effects of the most-favoured-nation and preferential-import tariff schedules, anti-dumping and safeguard duties, export levies, duty drawbacks and exemptions, domestic subsidies, and excise taxes. I found that the magnitude and dispersion of ERPs were higher in 2015 than in early 2008, for which a similar study was previously conducted, and that much of the variability was related to quantitative trade restrictions. In particular, the regulations examined boosted a measure of the cost of living by 7.6% in 2015, compared with 2.5% in 2008.

BIES Forum Universitas Udayana poster2

The BIES Economic Dialogue, which takes the format of a talk show, will be on Monday, 11 December 2017 co-hosted by the Center for Economics and Development Studies (CEDS), Universitas Padjadjaran and will be held in Bandung. Professor Peter Warr (ANU) and Titik Anas (Universitas Padjadjaran) will be discussants.

The BIES Economic Forum series, which will be in a conventional seminar style, will be held at Universitas Sriwijaya, Palembang (12 December), Universitas Mataram, Lombok (14 December), Universitas Udayana, Bali (15 December) and Institut Pertanian Bogor (18 December). The complete schedule and speakers are given below.

If you are in any of the above cities, feel free to attend the event which will also be announced through Eventbrite.

Date (2017) Time Host Venue Discussants
11 December 09.30am-12.00 Center for Economic and Development Studies (CEDS) Universitas Padjadjaran Executive Lounge, Universitas Padjadjaran, Jl. Dipati Ukur, Bandung 1. Prof. Peter Warr (The Australian National University)2. Dr. Titik Anas (Universitas Padjadjaran)
12 December 09.00-11.45 Faculty of Economics, Universitas Sriwijaya Gedung Fakultas Ekonomi Lantai 1, Universitas Sriwijaya, Jalan Srijayanegara, Bukit Besar, Palembang 1. Zulkarnain Ishak, MA (Universitas Sriwijaya)2. Irfan Farulian, MA (Bank Indonesia)
14 December 08.45-11.30 Faculty of Economics, Universitas Mataram Faculty of Economics, Universitas Mataram, Mataram 1. Prof. Mansur Afifi (Universitas Mataram)2. Dr. Hermanto (Universitas Mataram)
15 December 09.45-12.00 Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Udayana Ruang MM. Lt.3, Gedung Magister Manajemen (MM), Kampus FEB Universitas Udayana Sudirman, Denpasar 1. Dr. Ni Putu Wiwin Setyari (Universitas Udayana)2. Dr. Putu Ayu Pramitha Purwanti (Universitas Udayana)
18 December 09.00-12.00 International Trade Analysis and Policy Studies, Faculty of Economics and Management, Institut Pertanian Bogor Faculty Economics and Management Seminar Room, level 2, FEM New Building, IPB Darmaga Campus, Bogor 1)Prof. M Firdaus (IPB)2) Prof. Rina Oktaviani (IPB)