Facts, figures, and lessons learned for development in eastern Indonesia



Budy Resosudarmo speaking at a seminar on eastern Indonesia development held by SMERU Research Institute in Jakarta


In April 2018, SMERU Research Institute held a seminar in Jakarta on development in eastern Indonesia featuring Budy Resosudarmo (ANU Indonesia Project), Sumedi Andono Mulyo (BAPPENAS) and Asep Suryahadi (SMERU Research Institute) as speakers. The aim of the seminar is to share development research, lessons learned, and programs in Eastern Indonesia. More than 60 people attended the events including academics, policy makers, and NGO staff.

In terms of economic growth, eastern Indonesia is catching up with the rest of Indonesia; however some indicators such as shortage of infrastructure, status of health and education, and rural development seem to still be lagging behind, despite large public spending. Some affirmative action is still needed, and one form is allocating more resources (including budgetary resources) to eastern Indonesia. The goal is that in 2045, the GDP share of eastern Indonesia will reach 25% (it is about 20% in 2015) which requires very large investments.

Presentation files can be downloaded from this link, and the video (in Bahasa Indonesia) can be watched from this link.  A short interview with Budy Resosudarmo can be viewed from this link.