Forum Kajian Pembangunan in the first half of 2018

FKP Organising Committee annual meeting in July 2018


Currently in its eight year, Forum Kajian Pembangungan (FKP) is still going strong with 21 events held between January – June 2018, including five special events. The special events were FKP Roadshow in Banda Aceh, Jember and Makassar, Thee Kian Wie Lecture, and Sadli Lecture, hosted by nine organisations. About 1,280 people attended (compared with 1,177 in 2017), with about equal attendance between men and women.

In terms of who attended,

  • In 2017, the ‘Others’ category were expanded into 3, i.e. “Commercial firm”, “NGO” and “Others” so attendees can be assessed more clearly
  • Sometimes we can’t identify the type of organisation based on the name only, so in 2018, attendees were asked about the type of organisation they are affiliated with to allow better classification.
  • Average attendance of regular FKPs seems to stabilise, as we continue to use Eventbrite given the ease for sharing events on various social media platform.
  • Media attendance is slightly improved.

Below, a comparison in terms of the type of organisation that attendees are affiliated with is given, comparing the situation between January – July 2017 and the same period in 2018. In 2018, about 71% are affiliated with a university/research group (including government research agencies)  about 14% are affiliated with a government agency (Indonesian or otherwise). The proportion is largely similar between 2017 and 2018.


FKP first half 2018g

FKP attendees by organisational affiliation, January – June 2018

FKP first half 2018h

FKP attendees by organisational affiliation, January – June 2017


There were 47 speakers in total, with 30 of them being men. Other comparison in terms of attendance are given below (all for the period January – June).


FKP first half 2018

Comparison of attendance 2016 – 2018


To date, 388 videos in total on the FKP Youtube playlist (compared to 287 by July 2017, the last FKP Komite Meeting). The top 5 most watched videos uploaded in 2018 are as follows:

  1. 115 views 2018 05 24 Job mismatch and age-earning profile in Indonesia – Rahmat Reksa Samoedra (LD FEB UI)
  2. 65 views 2018 05 02 – 12th Sadli Lecture – Value chain connectivity in Indonesia – Fukunari Kimura (Keio University and ERIA)
  3. 60 views 2018 01 18 – UNDP Team – Towards the 2030 Agendas
  4. 57 views 2018 01 24 – UNDP Team – Towards the 2030 Agendas
  5. 42 views 2018 02 22 – Digital Currency: Peluang, Tantangan dan Risikonya dalam Sistem Pembayaran – Iwan Setiawan (Bank Indonesia Institute)

The top 5 videos of all time are listed below per July 2018, with a comparison with the condition in July 2017. It is clear from this data that some topics continue to generate interest years after its presentation.


FKP first half 2018c

Top 5 videos of all time – comparison between July 2017 and July 2018


The FKP website was created in 2016. Visits continue to increase – in the last year, visitor number doubled from 14 thousand to 28.6 thousand, and visits (page views) from 58.6 thousand to 100.3 thousand.


FKP first half 2018d

The country of origin were known for 14,997 website visitors, and they came from 148 countries. Ten countries make up 80% of visitors as shown by the chart below –  29% were from the United States, 12% from Indonesia, and surprisingly, 11% from the Ukraine. Visitors from Australia only make up 1% of total visitors.


FKP first half 2018f

Website visitors by country of origin, July 2018


In the future, improvements will be made to strengthen the website as a knowledge repository and learning source, including by better tagging of articles, sharing links to posts through social media, and improving the overall attractiveness of the website.