Fourth Thee Kian Wie Lecture and Book Launch

Speakers pose with the Thee Kian Wie Family (source: Iffah Nur Arifah/ABC News

Speakers pose with the Thee Kian Wie Family (source: Iffah Nur Arifah/ABC News)


On Tuesday, April 30, the Center for Economic Research, Indonesia Institute of Sciences (P2E LIPI) held the Fourth Thee Kian Wie Lecture in Jakarta. The Lecture also featured the launch of a book entitled The Indonesian Economy in Transition: Policy Challenges in the Jokowi Era and Beyond.  The book is edited by Hal Hill (ANU Indonesia Project) and Siwage Dharma Negara (P2E LIPI and ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute) with contribution from 25 authors who are experts in their field.

Dr Thee Kian Wie, who passed away in 2014, was one of Indonesia’s outstanding academic and public intellectuals. For 50 years he worked at the leading Indonesian Institute of Sciences, LIPI. His work was widely recognized both at home and abroad. He received the Indonesian government award, Bintang Jasa Utama, in 2002 for public service.

The book was launched by Professor Boediono (Universitas Gadjah Mada, and Indonesia’s Vice President 2009-2014). In his remarks, Professor Boediono recalled how The Kian Wie’s thirst for knowledge inspired he. He also called on the younger generation to follow in Wie’s footsteps in the study of economic History.

Allastar Cox (Australian Embassy) also gave a few words, and echoing Professor Boediono’s sentiments, he proposed “not to divorce economics from history.”

Professor Boediono  launched the book -   Here with Allaster Cox (Source: Iffah Nur Arifah/ABC News)

Professor Boediono with Allaster Cox (Source: Iffah Nur Arifah/ABC News)


A panel of book authors and discussant followed, featuring Professor Hal Hill, Arianto Patunru (ANU Indonesia Project), and Agus Eko Nugroho (P2E LIPI). Siwage Dharma Negara chaired the session. Professor Hill summarised the content of the book, which comprise of 15 Chapters on topics as varied as economic development, labour market, education, the service sector, illegal fishing, and others.

Arianto Patunru then summarised the main topics in his chapter entitled “Rising Economic Nationalism in Indonesia.” Agus Eko Nugroho (P2E LIPI) was last to speak, and he raised the issue of expanding financial inclusion as one of the main challenges for Indonesia’s economic development.

Almost 200 people attended the Lecture, including the Thee Kian Wie Family and many of the chapter authors. Most (75%) were from academia and research agencies, with the rest from government agencies, the private sector, and the media.

Presentation slides from the lecture can be downloaded from this link, and the video from this link. The first chapter from the book can be downloaded from this link.

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