Indonesia Mini Update at the Lowy Institute

2018 Indonesia Update. Contentious belonging: the place of minorities in Indonesia

By Ross McLeod

A Mini-Update was held at the Lowy Institute in Sydney on the morning of 17 September, at which several speakers from the main Indonesia Update conference at ANU had the opportunity to repeat their presentations. The day began with a breakfast panel discussion led by Roland Rajah of the Lowy Institute and Ross McLeod from the Indonesia Project. The invitation-only session focused on current concerns in Indonesia about the depreciating exchange rate and high current account deficit, and was attended by representatives of the finance community, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian media. This was followed by two open session presentations to a larger audience of about 80 people. The first was by Tom Power from the Department of Political and Social Change on recent trends in the political scene; the second by ANU Professor Robert Cribb, whose keynote address dealt with the status of minorities in Indonesia. There were also two panel discussions of these presentations, featuring Update speakers Sidney Jones from the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, Sandra Hamid from the Asia Foundation and Charlotte Setijadi from Singapore Management University.