INDONESIA PROJECT NEWS No. 8 (July–December 2009)

L-R: Rizal Sukma, Sidney Jones, HE Primo Alui Joelianto, Chris Manning

L-R: Rizal Sukma, Sidney Jones, HE Primo Alui Joelianto, Chris Manning

The Highlights on the Indonesia Project calendar for the period July–December 2009 were the annual Indonesia Update Conference on the topic Democracy in practice: campaigns, parties and parliaments, followed by a Mini-Update in collaboration with the Lowy Institute in Sydney on Monday October 12 immediately after the main Update in Canberra; a Mini Update Conference’ and the launch of two books held in Jakarta in collaboration with CSIS; the Canberra component of the 2009/2010 High Level Policy Dialogues (HLPD); and members of the Indonesia Project and a large number of their colleagues were delighted to witness the award of an Honorary Doctor of Letters degree by the Australian National University to Dr Hadi Soesastro at a graduation ceremony on 17 July, 2009.

Our regular Core Activities include the Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES) and the Indonesia Study Group seminars. Click on the links for summaries of the contents of the August and December issues of the BIES. Both issues are available online.

The Indonesia Study Group (ISG) program remains a dynamic on-campus activity with 20–30 people regularly attending the fortnightly and sometimes weekly seminar presentations and wide ranging discussions. Podcasts are available for most of the talks. See the Indonesia Project website for the full list. Topics for meetings between July and December included the global economic crisis, health, security issues, education and migration, crisis management, labour policy, recent political events and corruption. The last three ISG addresses for 2009 were given by:
• Lesley Potter (Department of Human Geography/RMAP, ANU) Kalimantan in the Firing Line: Impacts of the Global Economic Crisis
• Budi Haryanto (School of Public Health, University of Indonesia, Jakarta) Health Impacts of Climate Change and Public Health Adaptation in Indonesia
• David Jansen (Department of Political & Social Change, RSPAS, ANU) Networked Security: A Case Study of How State and Non-State Security Actors Interact at the Regional Level.

Seminars, Conferences, Research and Outreach Activities: July–December 2009

Conferences, Seminars and Talks

• Several of the Indonesia Project academics have been involved in discussion about the Global Financial Crisis. Hal Hill in particular has been engaged in several public forums on how the crisis has affected Indonesia. In the second half of 2009, Hal gave talks on Indonesia/Southeast Asia and the global financial crisis at the ANU (twice), to the Australian Davos Leadership Treat, to the Australia-Indonesia Business Council (ACT Branch), at the University of Maastricht, at Doshisha University (Kyoto), to a local U3A group, and to roundtables with government.

• Budy P. Resosudarmo was involved in the organisation of The Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) Conference in Bogor on 20–23 July. Chris Manning, Peter Warr and Sisira Jayasuriya presented papers amongst the Australian presenters.

• Frank Jotzo has been heavily involved in advising the Indonesian Finance Minister on climate change issues. He presented a Green Paper on climate policy, produced with the Fiscal Policy Office, to the Minister in November.

• Ross McLeod made two presentations, jointly with Harun from Tadulako University in Central Sulawesi, on The role of public sector accounting reform in improving governance in Indonesia, in Sydney, July 16 and at the Australia Indonesia Governance Research Partnership Policy Research Forum, Jakarta, 8 December. Ross made a presentation on Exchange Rate and Monetary Policy in Indonesia during Crises: more comfortable the second time round, at a conference at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 11 August.

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