Professor Prema-chandra Athukorala’s lecture at Universitas Udayana, Bali


Professor Prema-chandra Athukorala giving a lecture at Universitas Udayana

In July 2018, Professor Prema-chandra Athukorala gave a lecture at the Universitas Udayana Faculty of Economics and Business on the topic of global production networks (GPNs). A total of 84 people (54 were female) attended the event,¬† including lecturers and undergraduate and graduate students. The undergraduate students who attended are enrolled in the University’s international program. The lecture was opened by the Head of the Department of Economics, Dr AAIN Marhaeni.

In his lecture, Professor  Athukorala gave a thorough introduction to global production sharing and production networks terminology and export-oriented development strategy. He further explained the determinants of participation in global production networks and policy options that can be implemented to enter GPNs. Professor Athukorala conceded that the Balinese economy may be more reliant on tourism, a non-tradable sector. However, he mentioned that there is opportunity to diversify the economy by joining global production networks including production of goods to fulfill the need of the tourism sector.

During the presentation, questions were raised on differentiating buyer-driven versus producer-driven GPNs. Additionally, students asked about the management regime that should be in placeto enable Indonesia to become more competitive in GPNs, especially given the tendency of the Indonesian government to not be fully supportive of innovation (e.g. the case of online or app-based services).

The lecture was followed by lunch with faculty members, and Professor Athukorala encouraged the faculty to write about the Balinese economy in international journals.

Professor Athukorala’s presentation can be viewed through this link.


Universitas Udayana lecturers Dr Ida Ayu Saskara (far left) and I Wayan Sukadana (far right) giving a token of appreciation to Professor Athukorala