Indonesia Update Series

Hard copy or electronic issues, from 1994 onwards, can be ordered through the bookshop website of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore:

A CD of the series, from 1988 to 2004, can also be ordered from ISEAS at the following bookmarks/CD3/

Note: The Indonesia Update book was known as the Indonesia Assessment until 2002, when it became the Indonesia Update Series. From 1988-1993, it was published by the Department of Political and Social Change, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS), Australian National University (ANU).

From 1994-1997, it was published jointly by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore, and the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS), Australian National University (ANU).

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IUBook 2017
Indonesia in the new world: globalisation, nationalism and sovereignty
(Indonesia Update Series 2017)
Edited by Arianto Patunru, Mari Pangestu, M Chatib Basri

2016 Update Series Cover
Digital Indonesia: connectivity and divergence
(Indonesia Update Series 2016)
Edited by Edwin Jurriƫns and Ross Tapsell


2015 Update Series Cover
Land and development in Indonesia: searching for the people’s sovereignty
(Indonesia Update Series 2015)
Edited by John McCarthy and Kathryn Robinson


2014 Update Series Cover
The Yudhoyono presidency: Indonesia’s decade of stability and stagnation
(Indonesia Update Series 2014)
Edited by Edward Aspinall, Marcus Mietzner, Dirk Tomsa


2013 Update Series Cover
Regional dynamics in a decentralised Indonesia
(Indonesia Update Series 2013)
Edited by Hal Hill


2012 Update Series Cover
Education in Indonesia
(Indonesia Update Series 2012)
Edited by Daniel Suryadarma and Gavin W Jones


2011 Update Series Cover

Indonesia Rising: The Repositioning of Asia’s Third Giant
(Indonesia Update Series 2011)
Edited by Anthony Reid


2010 Update Series Cover

Employment, Living Standards and Poverty in Contemporary Indonesia
(Indonesia Update Series 2010)
Edited by Chris Manning and Sudarno Sumarto


2009 Update Series Cover

Problems of Democratisation in Indonesia: Elections, Institutions and Society
(Indonesia Update Series 2009)
Edited by Edward Aspinall and Marcus Mietzner


2008 Update Series Cover

Indonesia beyond the Water’s Edge: Managing an Archipelagic State
(Indonesia Update Series 2008)
Edited by Robert Cribb and Michele Ford


2007 Update Series Cover

Expressing Islam: Religious Life and Politics in Indonesia
(Indonesia Update Series 2007)
edited by Greg Fealy and Sally White


2006 Update Series Cover

Indonesia: Democracy and the Promise of Good Governance
(Indonesia Update Series 2006)
Edited by Ross H. McLeod and Andrew MacIntyre


2005 Update Series Cover

Different Societies, Shared Futures: Australia, Indonesia and the Region
(Indonesia Update Series 2005)
Edited by John Monfries


2004 Update Series Cover

The Politics and Economics of Indonesia’s Natural Resources
(Indonesia Update Series 2004)
Edited by Budy P. Resosudarmo


2003 Update Series Cover

Business in Indonesia: New Challenges, Old Problems
(Indonesia Update Series 2003)
Edited by M Chatib Basri and Pierre van der Eng


2002 Update Series Cover

Local Power and Politics in Indonesia: Decentralisation and Democratisation
(Indonesia Update Series 2002)
Edited by Edward Aspinall and Greg Fealy


2001 Update Series Cover

Women in Indonesia: Gender, Equity and Development
(Indonesia Assessment 2001)
Edited by Kathryn Robinson and Sharon Bessell


2000 Update Series Cover

Indonesia Today: Challenges of History
(Indonesia Assessment 2000)
Edited by Grayson L Lloyd and Shannon L Smith


1999 Update Series Cover

Indonesia in Transition: Social Aspects of Reformasi and Crisis
(Indonesia Assessment 1999)
Edited by Chris Manning and Peter van Diermen


1998 Update Series Cover

Post-Soeharto Indonesia: Renewal or Chaos?
(Indonesia Assessment 1998)
Edited by Geoff Forrester


1997 Update Series Cover

Indonesia’s Technological Challenge
(Indonesia Assessment 1997)
Edited by Hal Hill and Thee Kian Wie


1996 Update Series Cover

Population and Human Resources
(Indonesia Assessment 1996)
Edited by Gavin W Jones and Terence H Hull


1995 Update Series Cover

Development in Eastern Indonesia
(Indonesia Assessment 1995)
Edited by Colin Barlow and Joan Hardjono


1994 Update Series Cover

Finance as a Key Sector in Indonesia’s Development
(Indonesia Assessment 1994)
Edited by Ross McLeod


Indonesia Assessment 1993. Labour: Sharing in the Benefits of Growth?
Edited by Chris Manning and Joan Hardjono
Political and Social Change Monograph 20

Indonesia Assessment 1992. Political Perspectives on the 1990s
Edited by Harold Crouch and Hal Hill
Political and Social Change Monograph 17

Indonesia Assessment 1991. (Education)
Edited by Hal Hill
Political and Social Change Monograph 13

Indonesia Assessment 1990. (Ownership)
Edited by Hal Hill and Terry Hull
Political and Social Change Monograph 11

Indonesia Assessment 1988. (Regional Development)
Edited by Hal Hill and Jamie Mackie
Political and Social Change Monograph 8

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