Research themes

Trade and development

Research on trade and development has long been a high priority for Project staff and PhD students. This includes detailed studies of the trade policy regime (including pioneering estimates of effective rates of protection), the political economy of protection, sector-specific trade policies, export performance, Indonesia in the regional and global economy, general overviews of the industrial sector, the structure and performance of industry, industrial dynamics before and after crisis episodes, and industry case studies. Read more >>

Agriculture, resources and the environment

This theme looks at economic, political and social dimensions of Indonesia’s agricultural expansion, resource extraction, and environmental impacts and policies. Read more >>



Politics, media and governance

Research at the Indonesian Project covers a broad range of the critical issues regarding democratic governance and politics in contemporary Indonesia. Major research projects focus on critical institutions, such as the presidency, parties and parliaments. Others focus on underlying social dynamics, in areas such as religion and ethnicity, and their interaction with the political sphere, including through media (mainstream press or social media). Read more >>


Social policy and human capital

This research theme focuses on the constraints and risks that Indonesian households face in enhancing and harnessing their human capital, and improving our understanding of how public policies may benefit health and education outcomes, as well as improve welfare and reduce inequality.