Trade and development

Research on trade and development has long been a high priority for Project staff and PhD students. This includes detailed studies of the trade policy regime (including pioneering estimates of effective rates of protection), the political economy of protection, sector-specific trade policies, export performance, Indonesia in the regional and global economy, general overviews of the industrial sector, the structure and performance of industry, industrial dynamics before and after crisis episodes, and industry case studies.

The researches in this area have been facilitated by access to various datasets, including the excellent firm-level databases of the Biro Pusat Statistik, supplemented by international trade data and firm-level research. The training of doctoral students has been an integral component of this research. Since the 1990s, many PhD dissertations have been completed in this field, mostly by Indonesian researchers. Much of the past and current work involves collaboration with Indonesian researchers.

Current research projects

  • Trade, poverty, and inequality
  • Economic integration (regional and global)
  • Political economy of trade policy
  • Trade liberalisation and its socio-economic impacts
  • Export behaviour and firm productivity

Selected publications

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