Languages of Security in the Asia-Pacific

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The project team would like to thank all those that contributed their valuable time and knowledge during this process – whether by authoring a lexicon or case study, attending one of our workshops and/or individually reviewing the entries.  Any opinions expressed are those of the individual analysts, and do not represent the views of any other organisation, including those organisations of which the respective analysts are members.

The Lexicon

Authored by TBA.

Reviewed by Nicholas Farrelly and Moe Thuzar.


Chinese Authored by I-Ling Tseng.

Reviewed and workshopped by Duncan Campbell, Tom Cliff, Anne Gunn, Ron Huisken, Sheryn LeeScott Pacey, Lu PengJonathon Unger and Peter Van Ness.

Reviewed by CSCAP-China.


English (Australian) Authored by Brendan Taylor.

Reviewed and workshopped by Rob Ayson, Anthony Burke, Ross Cottrill, James Cotton, Nick Floyd, Anthony DillerAlan Dupont, Matthew Hill, Diana Hooton, Ron HuiskenPauline Kerr and Hugh White.


English (Indian)
Authored by Nishank Motwani, with Manjeet S. Pardesi.


Indonesian Authored by Amrih Widodo.

Reviewed and workshopped by Robert Cribb, Justine Fitzgerald, Marcus Mietzner and Peter Worsley.


Authored by Paul Keenan and Nan Mu Chaung Khu.


Korean (North)
Authored by Tatiana Gabroussenko.

Reviewed by James Cotton.


Korean (South)
Authored by Andrei Lankov.

Reviewed by James Cotton.


Japanese Authored by Peter Hendriks and Sheryn Lee.

Reviewed and workshopped by Tomoko Akami, Kent AndersonShun IkedaTsutomu Kikuchi and Trevor Wilson.

Reviewed by Risa Nobe.


Malaysian Authored by Syed Khairudin Aljunied.

Reviewed by John Funston, Anthony Milner. and Ho Yi Jian.


Shan Authored by Brian McCartan.

Reviewed by Khuensai Jayen.


Thai Authored by Chintana Sandilands and Nicholas Farrelly.

Reviewed and workshopped by Paul Busbarat, Nicholas Farrelly, Tyrell Haberkorn.


Reviewed by Anthony Diller and John Funston.


The Case Studies

Language, autonomy and violence in the Southern Thai security crisis Anthony Diller


The 2001 EP-3 spy-plane incident : the language of ‘sorry’ and ‘apology’ in China and the U.S.

I-Ling Tseng
The Carrot, the Stick and the Offended North Korean: language in nuclear negotiations with North Korea


Emma Campbell
The meaning of ‘sovereignty’ and the South China Sea


Lu Peng
The meaning of ‘ceasefire’ in Burma


Nicholas Farrelly
The Dokdo Island dispute: Korean reconstruction of history and national identity Jukka Jouhki
Northeast Asian Perceptions of the ‘rise of China': Japanese, South Korean and Chinese


I-Ling Tseng, Andrei Lankov and Sheryn Lee
‘Asian perceptions of ‘regional community’: the Asia Pacific community’

Anthony Milner and Sheryn Lee
Ya ba: The language of ‘amphetamines’  in Thailand


Nicholas Farrelly
The language of terrorism in India-Pakistan relations: the case of Kashmir Nishank Motwani and Matthew Hill
Problematic concepts in International Relations in China: ‘soft power’, ‘national interest’, ‘peacekeeping’ and ‘region’

Pang Zhong Xing
The influence of pop culture in mainland Southeast Asian security


Nicholas Farrelly and Desmond Ball
The language of ‘people trafficking’ in Indonesia Amrih Widodo and Natalie Sambhi