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09 July 2021

Australia could become voice for global vaccine equality

An expert from The Australian National University (ANU) is urging Australia to support international calls at the World Trade Organization...

06 July 2021

Researchers zero in on longer lockdowns to crush COVID-19

The NSW Government faces a high-pressure decision this week about whether to relax current restrictions because of the latest COVID-19...

06 July 2021

A tale of two valleys: Latrobe and Hunter regions both have coal stations, but one has far worse mercury pollution

We know coal-fired power stations can generate high levels of carbon dioxide, but did you know they can be a...

28 June 2021

Intergenerational report to show Australia older, smaller and more in debt

Australia will be smaller and older than previously expected in 40 years time after the first downward revision of official...

28 May 2021

'Consumers can make a difference to modern slavery': the Hon Julie Bishop

Geopolitical tensions could disrupt the global supply chain and provide opportunities for modern slavery to prosper, the Hon Julie Bishop...

28 May 2021

Women’s leadership, gender quotas, and the constitutional crisis in Samoa

Samoa has elected its first woman prime minister. Now an ongoing constitutional crisis, ironically centred around competing interpretations of Samoa’s...

26 May 2021

Going electric and banning new petrol-powered cars could be Australia’s next big light bulb moment

In 2007 Malcolm Turnbull turned off an industry’s life support without blinking. The industry made light bulbs, of the...

25 May 2021

We could be a superpower: 3 ways Australia can take advantage of the changing geopolitics of energy

The International Energy Agency confirmed last week what many already knew: the world is undergoing a huge transformation in...

19 May 2021

The GFC provided the secret sauce we used to ward off the COVID recession

We got an awful lot right during the COVID crisis — an awful lot that we couldn’t have got right...

19 May 2021

While rich countries experience a post-COVID boom, the poor are getting poorer. Here's how Australia can help

The latest IMF and World Bank reports show a global economic boom gathering steam. This is thanks to...


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