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Hidden histories

Billy O Foghlu’s archeological research into earth mounds is uncovering histories for traditional owners in Queensland.

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Destination: Myanmar

Meet Kristina Simion, a Swedish PhD student focusing on the rule-of-law in Myanmar.

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Student prize commemorates fallen WWII soldier

Clark Davis Ivins memorial prize launched at Coral Bell School.

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Negotiating the politics of knowledge and re-imagining the university

In this video Ashis Nandy talks to Dr Meera Ashar about the modern university system and the challenges that it faces.

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Crunch time for China in quest to be Asia's number one

The 21st century is meant to be China's, and its rise is almost taken for granted. But this assumption overlooks some of the core economic, political and strategic challenges the nation faces. In this video, Dr Andrew Carr talks to Adjunct Professor John Lee about the challenges facing China today, and why they mean that it won't dominate the region any time soon.

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Towards a new Australian security

n this public seminar, the incoming Head of the National Security College at The Australian National University, Professor Rory Medcalf, offers some assessments on the long-term policy choices Australians and their governments will need to make to advance their country’s security interests in the uncertain decades ahead.

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Why China will not become the dominant power in Asia

In this public lecture, Paul Dibb and John Lee pick apart the assumption that China is set to dominate the region and outline how the challenges it faces today may mean its future as number one in Asia is not assured.

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