Jokowi’s authoritarian turn

What Jokowi's presidency means for Indonesian democracy

ANU Vietnam Update 2018: Vietnam in the world

The Vietnam Update in 2018 will be held on Tuesday 13 November at The Australian National University, building on more than 25 years of the successful update series.

Unlimited slots left.

Reflections on the Southeast Asian Frontiers course - Leon Braun

Leon Braun discusses the personal and professional benefits gained from undertaking the Southeast Asian Frontiers program

Honeymoon over for South Korea’s president

Professor Hyung-A Kim discusses why public support for South Korea's President Moon Jae-in has plummeted.

Why Australia Needs a Radically New Defence Policy

Australia faces a potentially dangerous strategic outlook, which requires radical changes to the country’s defence policy. For the first time since the Second World War, there is now the prospect of a potential adversary—with whom we do not share values—operating in our neighbourhood and capable of threatening us with high intensity conflict.

Unlimited slots left.

Study: Governments must act now or face global water tragedy

Tackling the problems of irrigation efficiency

National security podcast: binary bullets

How is cyberspace changing warfare and terrorism?

China Update 2018: from a basket on the floor to a US-China trade war

Professor Fan Gang on the economic development of Australia’s largest trading partner


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