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Mangaia census materials

  • AU PMB MS 1336
  • Coleção
  • 1958

Detailed house to house survey of every household on Mangaia, with genealogical and other data, by D.S. Marshall in 1958.• Key to format; sample; plan of analysis.• Mangaia Census 1958 – Ka’umata and Tavaenga VillageNos.1-16 [Box 8.4]Nos.17-27 [Bo...

Marshall, Donald Stanley (1919-2005)

Reminiscences of voyages in the Pacific Ocean

  • AU PMB MS 1342
  • Coleção
  • 1860s

Alfred William Martin (1844-1928) was born in Clarence Plains, Tasmania, first son of William Martin (1805/6-1878), a convict transported to Tasmania, and Hannah Braim (1825/6-1860). Alfred William Martin was educated at Kettering Grammar School i...

Martin, Alfred William (1844-1928)

PNG patrol reports and administration routine reports

  • AU PMB MS 1345
  • Coleção
  • 1956-1966

Ronald E. Focken joined the Papua New Guinea administration in February 1956, aged 18, as a Cadet Patrol Officer Patrol Officer. After a short induction course at the Australian School of Pacific Administration in Sydney, he was posted to Madang H...

Ronald Focken (1937-2010)

The Gogodala Society in Papua and the Unevangelized Fields Mission 1890-1977

  • AU PMB MS 1349
  • Coleção
  • 1978

Dr Weymouth, a Baptist Minister from Adelaide, is a former Principal of the Christain Leaders’ Training College and continues to actively support the College. R.M. Wemouth, The Gogodala Society in Papua and the Unevangelized Fields Mission 1890-19...

Weymouth, Ross Malcolm

Translations into English and Tok Pisin of articles in German on New Guinea and the South Pacific in serials published by the Society of the Divine Word and other Christian missions.

  • AU PMB MS 1352
  • Coleção
  • 1882-1940

Fr. John Tschauder, SVD, systematically gathered and translated large amounts of German language documents on New Guinea. Fr. Tschauder’s English translations of German language anthological papers and German colonial administration publications,...

Tschauder, Fr John J. (1908-1996)

Tala O Tuvalu

  • AU PMB DOC 482
  • Coleção
  • Feb 1947-Dec 1964 (gaps)

Published monthly by the Information Office, Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony, Tarawa. In Tuvaluan (Ellice Islands) language.Nos.15-60, 63-77, 81-129, 131-136, 138-215, Feb 1947-Dec 1963;Nos.2/64-21/64, 23/64-24/64, Jan-Dec 1964.See Finding aids ...

Tala O Tuvalu

E.C.P. Newsletter (Evangelical Church of Papua, Tari, Southern Highlands Province, PNG)

  • AU PMB DOC 528
  • Coleção
  • Feb 1985-Dec 1990

The Unevangelized Fields Mission churches officially constituted a national church, the Evangelical Church of Papua, in July 1966. Tari became the HQ of the Church and the Mission.See also PMB Doc 498, Doc 524, Doc 525, Doc 526 and Doc 527.E.C.P....

E.C.P. News Letter (Evangelical Church of Papua, Tari, Southern Highlands Province, Png)

News Letter, Later Australasian News Letter (Unevangelized Fields Mission, Melbourne)

  • AU PMB DOC 524
  • Coleção
  • 1932-1941 (gaps),

The UFM News Letter (Australasian News Letter) was succeeded by the Australian and New Zealand edition of Light and Life (see PMB Doc 525).See also PMB Doc 498, Doc 526. Doc 527 and Doc 528.News Letter, later Australasian News Letter, published by...

News Letter, later Australasian News Letter (Unevangelized Fields Mission, Melbourne)

Reo Pasifika. Voice of the Pacific. La Voix du Pacifique

  • AU PMB DOC 521
  • Coleção
  • 1980

Reo Pasifika. Voice of the Pacific. La Voix Du Pacifique, Journal of the Pacific Churches Research Centre, Port Vila; edited by Rev. Brian Macdonald-Milne, No.1, 1980. See PMB 1333 for records relating to the Pacific Churches Research Centre.This ...

Reo Pasifika. Voice of the Pacific. la Voix Du Pacifique

Te Karere Koia Oki Te Pepa Society, with which is incorporated, fugitive papers, edited in Mangaia

  • AU PMB DOC 518
  • Coleção
  • Sep 1898-Jan 1901

In Rarotongan and English. Published by the London Missionary Society Press, Mangaia, South Pacific.No.4, Sep 1898No.5, Nov 1898, and SupplementNo.6, Jan 1899No.7, Mar 1899No.8, Apr 1899No.9, Aug 1899No.10, Oct 1899No.11, Dec 1899No.12, Feb 1900No...

Te Karere Koia Oki Te Pepa Society. With which is incorporated, Fugitive Papers, Edited in Mangaia

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