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Roman Catholic Mission Fiji Apenas descrições de nível superior Inglês
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Extracts from correspondence with mission stations at Rotuma

  • AU PMB MS 429
  • Coleção
  • 1846 - 1889

Typed extracts from correspondence and documents, principally:<BR>Letter from Fr Verne, first Catholic missionary to Rotuma, 1846 (from Bulletin de la Societe d'Oceanie 12)<BR>Early History of the Catholic Church in Oceania by Jea...

Roman Catholic Mission Fiji

General letters to Bishop Julian Vidal, SM

  • AU PMB MS 444
  • Coleção
  • 1887 - 1917

See PMB 432General letters to Biship J. Vidal, SM. At the end of the reel are private letters from Government House, 1897-1907.

Roman Catholic Mission Fiji

Historical accounts of Rotuma

  • AU PMB MS 159
  • Coleção
  • 1868 - 1949

The accounts, by various authors, are as follows:BR>(1) 'Histoire de Rotuma' by Fr Joseph Trouillet, SM. This is in three exercise books covering the periods: a. 'Depuis l'origine des temps fabuleux jusqu'au retour de...

Roman Catholic Mission Fiji

Historical notes on the Catholic Mission of Wairiki, Taveuni

  • AU PMB MS 440
  • Coleção
  • 1922

The notes were compiled by Father F. Terrien, SM (1851-1922) who directed the Wairiki mission from 1895 to 1922. His notes were translated and slightly amplified by B.A.M., Suva, 1943. See also PMB 432.Historical notes on the Catholic Mission of...

Roman Catholic Mission Fiji

La petite histoire a Fiji'

  • AU PMB MS 437
  • Coleção
  • c.1937

The author, who is unknown, returned to France in 1929. See also PMB 432A typescript of 78 pages - a history of the Catholic Church in Fiji (1846 - 1937).

Roman Catholic Mission Fiji

Minutes of council meetings

  • AU PMB MS 468
  • Coleção
  • 2 October 1887 - 28 December 1930

See PMB 432Minutes of council meetings.

Roman Catholic Mission Fiji

Miscellaneous papers, chiefly historical

  • AU PMB MS 467
  • Coleção
  • c.1926 - 1970

See PMB 432The papers are:<BR>1. Papers of Father L. Soubeyran, SM (a) What the Catholic missionaries and Church have done to evangelise the Indians in Fiji (1970) (b) The Fathers in the Past (1970) (c) Sixty Years in the Missions of Fiji...

Roman Catholic Mission Fiji

Miscellaneous unpublished items

  • AU PMB MS 463
  • Coleção
  • c.1894 - 1928

See PMB 432The items are:<BR>1. Accounts of Fijian secret societies - le 'vaki ou nanaga'; les Kalou Vatu; le keibuca; les kai nakauvadra. (These are contained in a small exercise book and are thought to have been written by Fathe...

Roman Catholic Mission Fiji

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