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New Hebrides Mission photographs, 1897-1950

  • Colección
  • 1897-1950

This collection of 128 images includes pictures of the people and work of the New Hebrides mission in Vanuatu. Islands featured include Nguna, Tongoa and Tanna. The photographs are mainly from the 1920s-1930s and include pictures of churches, ni...

Foreign Missions Committee


  • AU PMB MS 493
  • Colección
  • 1897 - 1912

Arundel (1814-1919) was a leading figure in the Pacific phosphate industry from 1868 until his death. See <I>Pacific Islands Monthly</I>, April 1974, pp.59-61.The correspondence is chiefly with Lord Stanmore who was chairman of the Pa...

Arundel John T.

New Hebrides Mission Photograph album, 1898-1935

  • Colección
  • 1898-1935

This collection of 32 black and white photographs were produced as an album by the Foreign Missions Committee. Subjects include the Ambrym hospital at Dip Point (destroyed in 1913 by a volcanic eruption), Rev. Dr. Annand’s study and garden on Tan...

Foreign Missions Committee

New Hebrides Mission photograph album, 1898-1914

  • Colección
  • 1898-1914

86 black and white photographs taken by Reverend T Smaill in the New Hebrides. Subjects are varied, with photographs captured on Epi, Erromanga, Nguna, Paama, Santo, Tangoa,and Tanna. The majority of these images feature missionaries or their fami...

Smaill, Rev. Thomas and Helen

New Hebrides Mission Photograph album, 1898-1911

  • Colección
  • 1898-1911

This collection of 120 black and white photographs were produced as an album by Rev. Thomas Smaill. They include photographs of the Smaill family including Rev. Thomas Smaill, Mrs. Helen Smaill and Nellie Smaill and their life on Epi. Photographs...

Foreign Missions Committee

Business and family papers re activities in the New Hebrides

  • AU PMB MS 1091
  • Colección
  • 1899-1996

Adolphus Zeitler's family came from Germany to Australia from California in the 1850s. Zeitler married Lizzie MacLeod. The papers are mainly concern the firm Zeitler & Hagen. The correspondence is mainly from Adolphus and Lizzie Zeitler&#...

Zeitler, Adolphus


  • AU PMB MS 59
  • Colección
  • c.1900-1915

1. Dictionary of the language of South-West Bay, Malekula, by Father Pierre Chauvel, S.M. (French-South West Bay).<BR>2. Dictionary of the language of Vao, Malekula, by Father Casimir Salomon, S.M. (Vao-French).<BR>3. Dictionary of ...

Roman Catholic Mission, New Hebrides

The New Hebrides Magazine. A journal of the missionary and general information regarding the islands of the New Hebrides (Sydney).

  • AU PMB DOC 459
  • Colección
  • Oct 1900-Oct 1911

Early issues of the <i>New Hebrides Magazine</i> were edited by Dr William Gunn of Aneityium and promoted by Rev. Dr Robertson of Erromanga under the auspices of the Foreign Missions Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Victoria. Dr...

Foreign Missions Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Victoria

Wallis Island papers

  • AU PMB MS 1014
  • Colección
  • c.1900-1960

Dr Renaud was born in France in about 1900. His medical and administrative career in the French Government service took him to French colonies in Africa, the Antilles, Guiana and the Pacific. In about 1930 he was chief medical officer and surgeon ...

Renaud Dr Georges J.L.

Diary, miscellaneous papers and correspondence

  • AU PMB MS 497
  • Colección
  • 1900 - 1951

Ellis (1869-1951) was born in Queensland and educated in New Zealand. In the 1890s he became an employee of the Pacific Islands Company Ltd of London, which was involved in the guano industry on islands in the Coral Sea and the Phoenix Group. In...

Ellis Albert Fuller

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