01826ntc a22002177i 45000010005000000080041000050400026000461000028000722450085001002640026001853000027002113360021002383370023002593380032002825000019003145060028003335200890003615330077012515400079013288560201014071046140313k19301933xx 000 0|eng d aANU:PMBcANU:PMBerda1 aPacific Islands Monthly10aPacific Islands Monthly Sydney: Pacific Publications. Vol. 1, No. 1+, Aug. 1930+ cAug. 1930 - July 1933 a1 reel; 35mm microfilm atext2rdacontent acomputer2rdamedia aonline resource2rdacarrier aAU PMB DOC 331 aAvailable for reference2 aThe Pacific Islands Monthly was founded in Sydney by R.W. Robson, a New Zealand born journalist. His object was to provide a news exchange for residents of the South Pacific Islands. The first issue, which appeared in August 1930, was in newspaper format and consisted of 12 pages. It remained in that format, but with an increasing number of pages, until the seventeenth issue (December 1931) when a magazine format was adopted. For subsequent issues see PMB Doc 333-367. For indexes to contents of Pacific Islands Monthly see: Woodhouse, M (comp) Cumulative index to the Pacific Islands Monthly ... August 1930 to July 1945 (Sydney: Pacific Publications, 1968): Langdon, R. (ed) Cumulative index to the Pacific Islands Monthly ... August 1945 to July 1955 (Canberra: PMB 1984): Langdon, R. (ed) The PMB book of Pacific indexes (Canberra: PMB, 1988) Vols 1-3 (August 1930 - July 1933) aElectronic reproduction:bCanberra :cPacific Manuscripts Bureau, d2014 aAvailable for referenceuhttp://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/pambu/copyright.php41uhttp://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/pambu/digital/catalogue/index.php/pacific-islands-monthly-sydney-pacific-publications-vol-1-no-1-aug-1930zView this item in the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau Catalogue.