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Photographic collections

Chambers PMBPhoto09_011

'EVERY MONTH BEFORE AND AFTER BABY IS BORN VISIT THE CLINIC. SISTER WILL HELP TO MAKE YOUR BABY STRONG. GO TO HOSPITAL WHEN BABY IS READY TO BE BORN.' J. Chambers, Port Moresby, Infant Welfare Section, Department of Public Health, Papua New Guinea, n.d.. (PMBPhoto9_011)

The Pacific Manuscripts Bureau has digitised over 40 photographic collections. The photos, posters and slides have been scanned to digital format.

A list of the photographic collections is below.

The Bureau is currently working towards making these collections available to Member Libraries via an online database.
Please contact the Bureau if you have any questions about the Photographic collections.

PMB Photo 1

TONKIN, Sr. Lida: Collection of Photographs from Papua New Guinea, mainly New Britain and New Ireland, 1911-1943 . (PMB Photo 1/1-72).

PMB Photo 2

DEXTER, Harry: Collection of photographs from Samarai, Kwato, Abau Island, Port Moresby and elsewhere in Papua, c.1910-1915. (PMB Photo 2/1-34).

PMB Photo 3

CROZIER, Dorothy. Tonga Social Services Survey, May 1950-May 1951: Photographs – Tonga and Samoa. Listed. Groups A-Z, AA-BB. 186 photographs (PMBPhoto3_A01-Z06a).

PMB Photo 4

BEARUP, A.J.: Photographs taken in Mount Hagen during parasitology survey by the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, University of Sydney, 1934. (PMB Photo4/1-17).

PMB Photo 5

GRIMSHAW, P.G.: Collection of Papua New Guinea Photographs, 1946-1955. 105 photographs. (PMBPhoto5_001-107).

PMB Photo 6

HASLUCK, Sir Paul: New Guinea Administration Series of Photographic Slides, Nos.00121-00188, 1956. (PMB Photo 6/1-68).

PMB Photo 7

WALKER, Rev. Francis Trafford and Mrs Emma M.: Photographs documenting the Methodist Missions at Kabakada, Watnabara and Vunairima, via Rabaul, New Britain, 1925-1930. 125 photographs (PMBPhoto7_001a-125b).

PMB Photo 8

BAKER, Rev. Shirley W.: Photographs from the Baker Papers (PMB 1203). 24 Photographs (PMBPhoto8_01-24).

PMB Photo 9

CHAMBERS, Jean: Posters prepared for the Infant Welfare Section, Department of Public Health, Papua New Guinea, and for the introduction of decimal currency in Papua New Guinea, 1950-1965. 47 posters (PMBPhoto9_01-47).

PMB Photo 10

HEALEY, Lionel Rhys, OBE: Photographs documenting an investigative patrol following murders in Telefomin, Papua New Guinea, Nov-Dec 1953.74 photographs (PMBPhoto10_01-74).

PMB Photo 11

FOSTER, Saxon W.B.:  Photograph album, ‘Pacific Islands, 1919’, documenting an official tour by Lord Liverpool, Governor-General of New Zealand. 115 photographs on album pages (PMBPhoto11_001c-115b).

PMB Photo 12

WARD,  R. Gerard (1933-   ): Photographs of Niue, Oct 1956. 26 photographs (PMBPhoto12_01-26).

PMB Photo 13

TAYLOR, Gwen: Collection of photographs from Bougainville, East New Britain and Kerema, Papua New Guinea, c.1945-1954. 46 photographs (PMBPhoto13_01-44).

PMB Photo 14

RANSOM, Sr. Rhoda (1887-1968): Post cards and other photographs from the Methodist Mission in New Britain and the Duke of York Islands, New Guinea, Jul 1912-Mar 1913, and family photograph. 36 photographs (PMBPhoto14_01-36b).

PMB Photo 15


PMB Photo 16

HERKENHOFF, Fr. Franz, SM, Photographs in Bougainville taken by Fr Franz Herkenhoff and Br Bryan Leak, 1990-1992. 34 photographs (PMBPhoto16_01a-34).

PMB Photo 17

NIUE CENTENNIAL VOLUME, 1846-1946, London Missionary Society, Samoan District (photograph album, includes maps), c.1946. 74 photographs, 3 maps (PMBPhoto17_001a – PMBPhoto17_077).

PMB Photo 18

READ, W.J. (Jack), New Guinea Photographs, 1930-1940. 5 photographs (PMBPhoto18_01a-05).

PMB Photo 19

BUDÉRUS, Louis, Photographs, Samarai, British New Guinea, c.1900. 24 photographs (PMBPhoto19_01-24b).

PMB Photo 20

HILDER, Captain Brett, Digital copies of paintings and sketches, 1947-1968. 186 paintings and sketches (PMBPhoto20_001-186).

PMB Photo 21

PARHAM, W.L., Fiji photographs, scanned notebooks and press cuttings, 1932-1942. Approx. 192 photographs (collection still to be processed).

PMB Photo 22

CLINGAN, J.M., (1942-…), Photograph albums and sketch book documenting the Baptist Mission in the Western Highlands of PNG, 1971-1973 & 1999. 2 photograph albums and 1 sketch book (collection still to be processed). Photo album A: 8 album pages have been digitised (46 photos). Photo album B: 37 album pages (117 photos).

PMB Photo 23

BARNARD, Rev. Lewis E., Photographs from the Methodist Mission in Fiji, 1929-1930. 2 photograph albums (collection still to be processed). Album A: 47 photographs. Album B: 91 photographs.

PMB Photo 24

HOSKING, Dr H.C., Rabaul, 1937. 2 Photograph albums and loose photographs (the 9 loose photographs were taken in c.1987). 202 photographs (PMBPhoto24_01-202).

PMB Photo 25

READ, Chris, “Rabaul , East New Britain, Papua New Guinea, 19 September 1994-2008.” 216 photographs (1994-1997). 66 photographs (2008). (Collection still to be processed).

PMB Photo 26

GROVES, W.C. and Doris, PNG transparencies. 155 colour slides (PMBPhoto26_001-155).

PMB Photo 27

WILSON, Robert Kent, PNG Photographs and slides. (This collection is yet to be digitised.)

PMB Photo 28

NELSON, Hank, Collected Papua New Guinea movie posters, 1976-1985. 6 posters (PMBPhoto28_01a-06b).

PMB Photo 29

DUNN, Marney, Photographs taken in Vanuatu, 1965-1967. 224 slides and B&W photographs (PMBPhoto29_001-224).

PMB Photo 30

FORWOOD, Charles Rossiter (1826-1890), Family photographs and records, 1849-1977.15 photographs (predominantly portraits – the backs of which have also been digitised). This collection also includes textual documents, Poesie album (with sketches). (Collection still to be processed)

PMB Photo 31

KERLEY, Fr Kevin SM, Bougainville photographs. Not used. See PMB Photo 16.

PMB Photo 32

FOCKEN, Ron (1937-2010), Photographs, Southern Highlands and Milne Bay, PNG, 1958-1963. 35 photographs (PMBPhoto32_01-35).

PMB Photo 33

CLINGAN, J.M., (1942-…), Slides documenting the Baptist Mission in the Western Highlands of PNG, 1971-1973. 183 colour slides (PMBPhoto33_001-217).

PMB Photo 34

TOMMERUP, Jack, Slides taken at Wabag and Mount Hagen, 1950s. 129 photographs (PMBPhoto34_001-129).

PMB Photo 35

FIJI TIMES, Photo Archive – Selected Prints, 1970-2001. (Collection still to be processed)

PMB Photo 36

PACIFIC ISLANDS MONTHLY, Photo Collection – Fiji, 1933-1987. (Collection still to be processed)

PMB Photo 37

HOARE, Charles (?), Album of Prints – Papeete, Nuku’alofa, Apia, Rarotonga, et al., n.d. (c.1875?). (Collection still to be processed)

PMB Photo 38

LINDLEY, Alan, Solomon Islands photograph albums, 1952-1969. (Collection still to be processed)

PMB Photo 39

HOWLETT, Diana, South Pacific Fesitival of Arts PNG mask posters, 1980. 2 posters (PMBPhoto39_01-02).

PMB Photo 40

DUSTING, Ellestan, “Postcards GNG [German New Guinea] – Papua”, 1912-1916. 58 postcards (PMBPhoto40_01-60b).

PMB Photo 41

TEDDER, James L.O. (1926-   ), Solomon Islands Photographs, 1952-1974. 936 photos (PMBPhoto41_001-936).

PMB Photo 42

METCALFE, John R., Photographs of the Solomon Islands: negatives in six albums, 1920-1941. 136 negatives/photos (collection still to be processed).

PMB Photo 43

GROVES, Murray, Photographs of the Motu People of Papua. (Collection still to be processed).

PMB Photo 44

DUSTING, Ellestan, Pacific Island Slides, 1957- . 292 slides (PMBPhoto44_001-292).

PMB Photo 45

NORTON, Robert, Photographs of A.D. Patel and Federation Party meetings at Lautoka, Sigatoka Valley and Suva, Sep-Oct 1966. 24 photos (PMBPhoto45_01-24).

PMB Photo 46

GAMMAGE, Bill and Jan. PNG slides 1966-1988 and prints 1970-1988.  Fiji and Tonga slides 1975.  2344photos/slides (PMBPhoto46_001-1928).

PMB Photo 47

GAMMAGE, Bill and Jan. PNG Posters, 1950-1965. 25 posters (PMBPhoto47_01-25).

PMB Photo 48

TEDDER, Margaret and James, Gardening: album of photographs of subsistence gardening in Eastern and Central Solomon Islands, 1955-1974. 21 album pages digitised (111 photographs), as well as album cover (PMBPhoto48_01a-22).

PMB Photo 49

BEATTIE, J.W., Pacific Islands albums. (Collection still to be processed)

PMB Photo 50 EVES, Richard, PNG health posters. 97 posters (Collection still to be processed).
PMB Photo 51 MARGETTS. Rev. John Harold (1884-1935), “Picturesque New Britain: Snaps from a Missionary’s Camera”, n.d. (c.1914). 50 photographs (PMBPhoto51_01-50).
PMB Photo 52 Anon., Fiji album, n.d. (c.1925). 1 album of 30 pages with 185 photographs (PMBPhoto52_001-185).
PMB Photo 53 UNEVANGELIZED FIELDS MISSION / Asia Pacific Christian Mission / Evangelical Church of Papua: photograph collections. (Collection still to be processed).
PMB Photo 54 COCKBURN, Michael and Margaret. PNG slides. 1941-1970. 1,786 photos and negatives (collection still to be processed).
PMB Photo 55 GAMMAGE, Jan. Photographs, 1996-2006. 928 photographs (PMBphoto55_001-918).
PMB Photo 56 WOODFORD, C.M., Photographs taken during a voyage to and residence in the Solomon Islands from April to October 1886. Albums 1 and 2. 240 photographs, including scans of album covers (PMBPhoto56_001-240).
PMB Photo 57 KEEVIL, (Dick) R.A. Photographs, 1974-1984. 136 items – photographs and ephemera in three albums (PMBPhoto57_001-136).
PMB Photo 58 WOODFORD, C.M., Solomon Islands photographs. 233 photographs (PMBPhoto58_001-233).
PMB Photo 59 FAVETTA, Fulvio (1946 -   ), Slides of life as a patrol officer in Popondetta and Tufi, Northern District, Papua New Guinea, 1968-1972 and Tari, Southern Higlands, Papua New Guinea, 1972-1977. 246 photographs/slides (collection still to be processed).
PMB Photo 60 PATON, Frank (1906-2002) and Rita (1904-1982)., Slides and photographs of missionary service on the island of Tangoa, New Hebrides (1931-33) and a trip for the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of the Tangoa Training Institute, (Aug 1970), 1931-1970. 441 photographs (PMBPhoto60_001-439).
PMB Photo 61 FREEMAN, EDWARD (Ted), Slides of medical missionary service at the Paton Memorial Hospital, New Hebrides (1967-). 370 photographs (PMBPhoto61_001-364).
PMB Photo 62 GAMMAGE, Jan. Solomon Islands Prints, Nov-Dec 2001. 206 photographs (PMBPhoto62_001-206).
PMB Photo 63 Gammage, Bill and Jan.  New Caledonia prints, 2005. 183 photographs (PMBPhoto63_001-182).


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