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Gabrielle Simm Source: Australian Human Rights Centre

Gabrielle Simm
Source: Australian Human Rights Centre

Gabrielle Simm’s Sex in Peace Operations Published

Sex in Peace Operations by Dr Gabrielle Simm, Senior Research Associate in the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales, has recently been published by Cambridge University Press.

Based on research conducted while a PhD scholar at RegNet, Sex in Peace Operations uses feminist and regulatory approaches to critically re-evaluate sex between local people and international personnel (whether military personnel, private contractors or humanitarian NGO workers) in the context of zero tolerance policies on sexual exploitation and abuse. Examining impunity for sexual crimes committed during peace operations in Bosnia, West Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabrielle finds not just a failure of political will but also of international law in how violations by non-state actors have been dealt with.

In June, Gabrielle will return to the Australian National University to discuss Sex in Peace Operations. As part of the RegNet Bookclub series, Gabrielle will be joined by Susan Harris-Rimmer of the Asia Pacific College of Diplomacy and Wayne Morgan of the ANU College of Law. Further details of the event can be found here.

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