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Coombs Building ExtensionCentre Visitors Rosemary Grey and Anita Mackay

The CIGJ is looking forward to hosting its next two visiting scholars in the coming weeks.

First will be Rosemary Grey, a PhD student in Politics and International Relations at the University of New South Wales. Rosemary’s thesis, “Prosecuting Sexual and Gender Violence in the ICC: Opportunities and Limitations”, seeks to identify opportunities for advancing gender justice through the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in the International Criminal Court, paying close attention to the choices made by the Office of the Prosecutor in the Court’s first generation of cases. In particular, Rosemary’s work focuses on the prosecution’s selection of charges, narration of criminality, presentation of evidence, and examination of witnesses, addressing questions such as ‘to what extent has the Office highlighted the gender dimensions of ostensibly gender-neutral crimes?’, ‘do the narratives of criminality presented by the Office challenge assumptions about feminine passivity and male power?’, and ‘what kinds of sexual and gender violence has the Office focused on and what has been left out?’

Later in the month former visitor (and Regarding Rights contributor) Anita Mackay will return to the Centre. We’re delighted to have this opportunity to host Anita again, as she continues her research into how human rights frameworks have been institutionalised in prisons. Anita’s research, which she’s undertaking as a PhD Student in the Faculty of Law at Monash University, compares two operating philosophies for prisons. The first looks at prisons operating in accordance with international human rights law, which are based on the principle that prisoners do not lose any of their human rights other than the right to liberty.  The second is prisons operating in accordance with restorative justice principles, which focus on the reintegration of people into the community after they are released from custody.

Welcome (and welcome back) Rosemary and Anita!

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