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Beyond Rape – The evolving concept of ‘sexual violence’ under international criminal law

By Rosemary Grey

University of New South Wales

Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Image - ICC

Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Image – ICC

In the past two decades the international tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda have developed a rich jurisprudence on sexual violence crimes,[1]  and the younger international courts, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Special Court for Sierra Leone in particular, are beginning to follow suit.  There has also been a move to codify sexual violence crimes under international law, the current high water mark being the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (the Rome Statute), which entered force in 2002. Continue Reading →

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On 1st September Australia assumed the presidency of the UN Security Council

Read what CIGJ members have said about Australia’s likely role and the challenges it faces as president of the UN SC in a series featured recently on The Conversation.

Read Jeremy Farrel and Jenni Whalan’s post, ‘Will Australia make the most of its Security Council presidency?’

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Read Hilary Charlesworth and Sue Harris-Rimmer’s post, ‘Women, peace and security

Read Katrina Lee-Koo and Susan Harris-Rimmer’s post, ‘On the ‘big table’ of the Security Council: Australia must champion the cause of women

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Corporal Punishment and Children: Why is there a legal discrepancy in Australia between the use of physical force against children, and the use of physical force against adults?

Children at the UNRWA Summer Games 2011.  Source: UN Photo / Shareef Sarhan

Children at the 2011 UNRWA Summer Games
Source: UN Photo / Shareef Sarhan

By Nikola Stepanov

The recent Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Position Statement Physical Punishment of Children illuminates the ongoing discrepancies in many nations, including Australia, between the legal rights of adult persons and the legal rights of children. Continue Reading →