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Photo: boxer,

Photo: boxer,

CIGJ Visitor, Carla Ferstman, gave an excellent seminar on Tuesday as part of RegNet’s weekly seminar program. Carla, who is director of REDRESS, discussed the difficulties associated with ensuring the accountability of International Organisations, including the UN. Carla pointed out that structures for the accountability of International Organisations have not kept pace with the continual widening of their functions. This means that while International Organisations with a mandate to protect vulnerable populations may be involved in causing serious harm and violating human rights, it can be virtually impossible for the victims to obtain reparations.

This is an issue with which Harry Aitken engages in his discussion of Mothers of Srebrenica v The Netherlands, in the most recent News Bulletin from the Victorian Chapter of the International Law Association. Harry is a member of the Association’s executive committee and a CIGJ affiliate. His article provides an illuminating overview of the complex issues involved this case, which set a new precedent by holding the Netherlands liable for the actions of its soldiers while they were operating under a UN peacekeeping mandate in Srebenica in 1995.

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