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Welcome Mikko!

Last month the CIGJ welcomed another of its Visiting PhD Scholars. Mikko Rajavuori is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Law at the University of Turku, and a member of the Academy of Finland’s National Law in a Changing World Doctoral Programme. He holds an LL.M, and B.A in Finnish and Scandinavian history. Mikko has already presented his research to members of the Centre and RegNet, in an informal seminar in which he discussed the rise of state ownership from a human rights perspective. Mikko noted that State-owned enterprises are thriving: state-owned multinationals are among the top sources of foreign direct investment; emerging economies are extending their growing economic power outward through sovereign wealth funds; and bailouts have recreated powerful state ownership structures in regions where private ownership has traditionally prevailed. In the light of these developments, Mikko argues that human rights checks and balances constitute a counterweight for market-based initiatives regulating state shareholder activity.

Congratulations Anita!

Anita Mackay is a regular and popular contributor to Regarding Rights, and one of our former Visiting PhD Scholars. An article by Anita drawing on research conducted partly during her time at CIGJ was published recently in The Australian Journal of Human Rights. ‘Human Rights Law Compliance in Prisons: What Can Australia Learn From the Nordic Approach?’ is available here. CIGJ congratulates Anita on her most recent publication.

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