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It has been a busy few weeks at the Centre. Hilary Charlesworth gave a talk this Tuesday on her work on the rituals and ritualism of international human rights law, and (along with Henry Burmester AO QC) a further talk last week on her time at the International Court of Justice. Hilary and Emma Larking also gave an interview, published in the marvelous blog Allegra Lab, where they talk about their recent book on the Universal Periodic Review.

Speaking of blogs, Regarding Rights is currently enjoying voelkerrechtsblog, including this recent interview with Martti Koskenniemi.

Friday, April 10th will see a research presentation by CIGJ Visiting PhD Scholar Mariana Assis, titled “Women’s rights as transnational discourse? Interrogating the female subject in the rulings of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights.”

Last, but not least, the South-East Asia Regional Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has released this report, on the death penalty in South-East Asia. The report contains a review of the global application of the death penalty and a summary of the applicable international legal standards, and outlines current reforms of the penalty in South-East Asia.

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