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Congratulations to Jacky Parry and Suzanne Akila

passportWarmest congratulations to Jacky Parry and Suzanne Akila on receiving excellent examiners’ reports for their PhDs.

Jacky’s PhD was on ‘Transitional Justice and Displacement: Lessons from Liberia and Afghanistan’. She used her Liberian and Afghan case studies to examine how refugees contribute to transitional justice processes. Jacky argued for a broader understanding of transitional justice, suggesting that it could even include mechanisms such as out of country voting. The examiners described Jacky’s work as ‘perceptive and original’, advancing important and novel arguments about forms of transitional justice. Read Jacky’s blog about her fieldwork in Liberia here.

Jacky held an ARC Laureate Fellowship PhD Scholarship while at RegNet. She is currently working in Iraq with the International Organization for Migration, putting her thesis research into daily use!

Suza’s topic was ‘Participation and the Protection of Citizens Abroad in International Law’ and investigated how states exercise diplomatic protection for their citizens who face the death penalty abroad. The thesis was both an innovative account of international legal doctrine as well as a set of rich in depth case studies. Examiners described its contribution as ‘original and compelling’ with writing that was ‘lucid, economical, persuasive and stylish’.

While at RegNet, Suza held a Sir Roland Wilson PhD Scholarship and she is now working in the Legal Office in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Both Suza and Jacky were supervised by CIGJ Director, Professor Hilary Charlesworth.

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