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The Israeli-Palestinian Question: What Can The Security Council Do?

Security Council Open Debate on the Question of Palestine

Security Council Open Debate on the Question of Palestine

By Marie-Eve Loiselle

Centre for International Governance and Justice, ANU

The treatment of the Israel-Palestine question within the UN’s supreme decision-making body is a stark reminder of the Council’s inherently political nature.

Hope for a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine is fading. If it has any chance of seeing the light of day, action is needed now.  Challenging the creation of a Palestinian state is emerging support for a bi-national state. The Economist wrote in March about the eclectic mix of proponents of this outcome: on one side those who see the area as totally Jewish or Arab; on the other, idealists hopeful that Palestinians and Jews have a chance at coexisting together in one state. Many of those who support the one-state solution hold that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are now so entrenched that it would be impossible to reverse the cycle and establish one viable Palestinian state.

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