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Reproductive Rights Victory and Challenges Ahead in the Inter-American Region

Artwork - Cristy C. Road @

Artwork – Cristy C. Road @

By Ciara O’Connell

University of Sussex

On January 21, 2015, Guadalupe, a Salvadoran woman sentenced to thirty years imprisonment after suffering a miscarriage, was pardoned seven years into her sentence. Guadalupe was one of a group of 17 women who are imprisoned in El Salvador as a result of obstetric complications, where the women have been found guilty of attempting to abort their pregnancies.[1] There is a complete ban on abortion in El Salvador, which means that even women who are raped or whose health is at a significant risk cannot abort a pregnancy. It also means that a pregnancy resulting in a malformed foetus that cannot survive outside the womb will not be terminated. For women in El Salvador, the ban on abortion is not only a violation of reproductive rights to health and autonomy, but in some situations may even take on characteristics of torture. Continue Reading →

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Centre for International Governance and Justice: News and Events

The Centre is delighted to be joined this week by our newest Visiting PhD Scholar, Ciara O’Connell. Ciara is joining us from the University of Sussex School of Law, where she’s investigating the effective implementation of women’s reproductive rights in the Inter-American Human Rights System. We look forward to hearing more about Ciara’s research in the virtual pages of Regarding Rights!

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Centre for International Governance and Justice: News and Events

We are happy to announce the successful recipients of CIGJ Visiting PhD Scholarships for 2014: congratulations to Mariana Assis (The New School for Social Research); Ciara O’Connell (University of Sussex); Mikko Rajavuori (University of Turku); Yvette Selim (University of New South Wales); and Nathan Willis (Southern Cross University). We also look forward to welcoming Jonathan Kent (University of Toronto) and Betheli O’Carroll (University of Queensland) as Visiting PhD Scholars at the Centre later this year. We will introduce all our PhD visitors individually to Regarding Rights readers over the course of the year – and we look forward to their contributions to our human rights conversation! Our thanks as well to everyone who applied – the strength of the applications we received made our decision-making extremely difficult. If you missed out this year, please do think about applying again next year.