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Counter-terrorism: After the 9/11 decade

By Cynthia Banham
Centre for International Governance and Justice


Regarding Rights is pleased to re-publish “Counter-terrorism: After the 9/11 decade”  by CIGJ PhD scholar Cynthia Banham, originally written for the Lowy Institute’s blog The Interpreter.

We thank the editors of The Interpreter for their permission to post Cynthia’s article here.

The Open Society Foundation’s recent report detailing the scale of the Bush Administration’s extraordinary rendition program and the extent of cooperation by 54 allies reveals yet again the excesses in the way liberal democracies responded to the al Qaeda terrorist threat in the decade after the 9/11 attacks.

Yet in many ways the actions of the governments that came after those of George W Bush, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown tell us more about the lengths to which modern liberal democracies will go in order to defend themselves against terrorist threats. These governments did not face imminent national security crises, yet their willingness to subvert the rule of law has been no less flagrant.

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