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Centre for International Governance and Justice: News and Events

Recent and Forthcoming CIGJ Seminars

The Centre has been fortunate to host a number of exciting seminars in the past few weeks.

On September 9th CIGJ visitor Govinda Sharma presented “Ensuring accountability in post-conflict Nepal: Time to re-examine the role of Truth Commissions” as part of the RegNet Seminar series. This past week saw Margot Salomon of the London School of Economics give a seminar that the Centre co-hosted with the Centre for Moral, Social and Political Theory on market logics in contemporary human right policy.

This coming week the Centre will host a seminar by RegNet visitor Yasunobu Sato titled “A human security approach to human rights due diligence: A case study of land disputes in post-UNTAC Cambodia.” Based on his experience as Human Rights Officer of UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) in 1992-93, Professor Sato will review Cambodian land disputes in light of law reform assistance and examine the difficulties and unintended consequences of the human rights due diligence model being promoted by the United Nations Human Rights Council and other international organizations as part of the peace building process.