Am I eligible?

The College of Asia and the Pacific offers the following honours programs:

Bachelor of Asian Studies (Honours) is available to those students completing the Bachelor of Asia Pacific studies or Bachelor of Asian Studies (or the equivalent at a different institution). You must have evidence of proficiency in a regional language sufficient to conduct supervised research in that language (if applicable). That means, for example, that if you wish to do research on dog hotels in Beijing, you will be expected to use sources in Chinese. If you plan to do research on a culture in the Pacific whose language is not offered at ANU, you are exempted from this requirement.

Bachelor of International Security Studies (Honours) is available to those students completing 1.) a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Security or Bachelor of International Security Studies (or the equivalent at a different institution), 2.) a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies (with an Asia-Pacific Security major or International Security major), or 3.) an ANU degree with a cognate major, who have an overall grade average of at least 70 per cent in relevant courses. Students enrolled in Bachelor of International Security Studies (Honours) are exempted from language proficiency requirements.

Note on 'Relevant courses': The Honours committee will calculate an applicant's grade average by adding up the results from those courses that the Committee deems relevant for the student's proposed thesis topic, and dividing the total by the number of those courses. If, for example, a student proposes to write a thesis on the economy of China, the Committee will take into account all ASIA-coded non-language courses, all Chinese language courses, and courses taken in economics and/or political economy. In other words, the Committee does not only consider courses taken in the field of Asia Pacific studies, but all courses taken by the student in the past that relate to the proposed topic. This gives the Committee a much better idea of how well an applicant is going to do in the Honours year.

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