Each year the College of Asia and the Pacific awards a number of scholarships and grants to outstanding candidates. These scholarships and grants include:


Craig Robinson

Striving to eliminate global hunger

Craig Robinson senior policy officer in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), is part of Australia's efforts to tackle poverty and eliminate hunger around the globe.

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Big adventures

When international student Sandesh Silpakar touched down in Australia to study at Crawford School over two years ago, he never expected to be leaving as a highly respected student leader.

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Banking on change

What does it take to land a job at one of the world’s premier institutions, The World Bank, straight after your Master degree?

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Rianna Tatarelli

Supply and demand

Meet Rianna Tatarelli, a recent graduate who is using her combined Asian studies and commerce degree to mark out her place in the Asian century.

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Catherine Perry

Swimming with the currents

Meet Catherine Perry; a young scholar with a Chinese best friend who by happy accident has put herself in the centre of the Asian century.

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Laura Davern.

More than words

A fascination with Chinese culture led Laura Davern to pursue a master’s in translation, a degree which has given her the skills to write her own destiny - both on and off the page.

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Patrick Mayoh

Prime time scholar

"Everyone should definitely go on exchange. I did it after four years of Mandarin study so I had a good knowledge base. I was there for a year and a half, and I learned so much and was so immersed in the culture. I really felt I was part of it, which is how I ended up on television!"

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Justin Jones

Balancing act

Full time athlete and Security Studies student, Justin James, isn’t your average undergraduate student.

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Yong Suk Koh

The past is a page

“ANU provides various courses in which students can engage in in-depth cultural and/or political studies in relation to Asian countries as well as a variety of language courses and translation courses, which makes it an excellent environment for translation studies.”

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Stephen Rowcliffe

Staying connected

“If people are working in government and they’re working in the Asian context, certainly something like the Master of Asia Pacific Studies would be very relevant.”

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Rose Whitau

Field days

“The labs are incredible. There’s an archaeobotany lab, there’s a pollen lab, there’s heaps of microscopes. They’re incredible resources. With Menzies Library as well, you have access to a lot of Pacific literature.”

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Rachel Falk

Casting the Net

“The National Security College is professionally run. It’s very new, dynamic, and the faculty is very accessible. It’s got a real buzz about it, and you have quite a close relationship with the College because there are so few of us.”

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Michele Acuto

Practice makes perfect

"ANU is generally well-regarded in most of the disciplines I work in. The academic staff in IR have a global reputation, and the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy has a key advantage of focusing on the practice of international relations beyond theory."

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Lauran Navarro

Stacking up the numbers

“The program allows you to think big. You know you’re in a place where what you’re learning is relevant. It kind of makes you ambitious!”

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Kwame Agyei

Appetite for change

"I’ve learnt from the very best,” he says. “Now I can email somebody who is the best in their field, and ask for feedback. If I’m faced with any challenges, there are people who are more experienced and knowledgeable than I am who I can draw on for support."

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Heidi Reid

A new world view

"I was looking for something that had a good balance of history and politics and philosophy, which international affairs does. And also, ANU has such a good reputation, particularly in this area."

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Catherine Diomampo

Green machine

“We have good teachers. They’re really professionals in the field so even if we ask a lot of tough questions, they’re able to answer them. And if they don’t know, they challenge us to find out the answers ourselves.”

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Bunthang Eang

Master builder

"The whole program is really eye-opening, especially when you discover the policy of another country is very similar to the situation in your country, and you have a chance to see many areas and many policies that are in need of reform, for example, or are missing in a particular country at a certain time."

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Brenda Bastienne

Living large

"I was working in the policy and strategy division of the Ministry of Finance in the Seychelles, and I thought it would be good to have a degree in public policy, because my first degree was in the field of finance and economics. I wanted to link my study with my work more."

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Arjuna Mohottala

Power player

"Just to demonstrate how supportive the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific and Crawford are, from my initial email to me physically being here took less than three weeks. That gave me a really good impression of ANU and Canberra."

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Anna Samson

The big picture

"It gives you insights, and challenges the ways in which you’ve looked at these sorts of problems. I could have done a lot of other courses which reinforced what I already knew, but what strategic studies offers is that big picture analysis that allows you to start asking and answering some really big questions."

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Alexandre Dayant

A change for the better

"With the knowledge I have on public policy and economics, I have a broad picture of how the world works. I want to use this knowledge I’ve accumulated to work on projects that are helpful to the planet and the population."

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Adele Zubrzycka

Digging up the dirt

"It’s about piecing together a mystery. You have a question and you can somehow answer it, but in a way which is always elusive."

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Weida Goh

A different view

"International business is not just technical specialities, financial derivatives or financial systems. International business is more a general, broad view."

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Veitania Lepani

Riding a new wave

"I just liked the sound of it! It’s more relevant to me than Asia Pacific studies, being focused specifically on the Pacific. It gives you a chance to learn at a university level about the place that you come from. Most Pacific Islanders don’t really get that chance in high school."

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Timothy Kerr

Out of Africa

"It’s a critique of academia that educators don’t have real-world experience or are in a bubble, but what’s great about the MAAPD is all of the educators have experience working in the field, so that really helps with the practical skills."

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Shrutidhar Tripathi

Give and take

"Studying the Master of Diplomacy has helped me tremendously in building my experience and knowledge of negotiation, conflict-resolution and diplomatic practices."

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Laura Baines

Gender agenda

"I wouldn’t have been offered opportunities like the internship in the Humanitarian Emergency Response unit at CARE if I wasn’t enrolled in this course. This degree is well recognised, and employers actively recruit from this degree."

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Joyce Das

Slice of heaven

"I would approach my work differently now. I’ve learned so many techniques for participatory development, and about scholarly debates in the development area. Before, I was learning by doing, but now I’ve gained the theoretical background."

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Jinfang Tian

Found in translation

"The Master of Translation equips you with the theory and training, but literary translation is not a science; it’s an art. You can’t judge one translation as good and one translation as bad against some kind of universal criterion. You just enjoy their creativities."

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Greg Dickson

Speaking of salvation

"For me, learning about Aboriginal languages is fascinating on a linguistic level but it’s also part of Australia’s history, and I feel like you can do something that’s worthwhile socially, with social justice aspects tied to it. I love what I do, because I feel like I’m doing something useful and meaningful at the same time."

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Fajar Djati

People power

Fajar Djati came to ANU to study Australian Indigenous policy, but he will leave with a new understanding and interest in the indigenous policy of Indonesia, his home-country.

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Elizabeth McDowell

Beating the grind

"I would recommend ANU hands down. I grew up in San Diego and the US has really wonderful universities but I feel, for American students especially, if you want to work in a field like anthropology or anything with an international emphasis, you need to think about going outside your own country."

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Carlie Anderson

Turning the tables

"I’m really glad I came to the ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, especially with all the amazing academics here who have written reports, like Paul Dibb and Hugh White. All the big names are in there so it’s really worth it."

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Brogan Goode

Business... Gangnam style

"My degree is cut in half – half arts, half commerce – so it really balances everything. They really bounce off each other, and it gives you a better understanding of why things are the way they are."

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Anthony Tan

History in the making

"ANU is one of the premier institutions on the Pacific. A lot of the scholars here, when you read a book on the Pacific, they’re the ones who wrote it."

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Megan Lane

The peacemaker

"The coolest part about a lot of the courses is you can pick a conflict to study, so you tend to focus on a part of the region you pick yourself. They give you the framework to analyse conflicts and what leads to conflicts, but you apply them yourself."

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Joseph Vile

Across the sea

"My teachers, lecturers and tutors are all world-renowned leaders in their field, and most of all, really welcoming. Pacific studies at ANU is a tight-knit community, and I find that a really positive environment to study in."

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Kaitlin Hawes

Smooth talker

"ANU has a leading status in Asia, so if you want to work in Asia, saying you went to ANU, the national university, it’s very good for connections."

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