Student appeals and complaints

This page has been created to assist students taking undergraduate and graduate coursework courses in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) who want to lodge an appeal* or make a complaint** associated with delivery of courses. The process set out here has been developed to be consistent with ANU rules, policy and procedure, specifically:

Before following the process below, and at any stage during it, students are encouraged to seek advice, support or assistance from the Dean of Students, ANU Students Association (ANUSA) or the Postgraduate and Research Students Association (PARSA).

*Student Appeal here applies to the review of, or appeal against, assessment results in CAP. Students wanting to make an appeal in regards to Admission will need to follow the separate Admissions appeals procedure.

** Student complaint applies to students taking courses in CAP. It covers students' complaints about unfair treatment in a course, discrimination, sexual or other harassment, bullying, and other grievances that arise during the student's time at CAP.

Step 1: Informal resolution

Students should approach the person relevant to the appeal or complaint directly. In most cases this is the course lecturer or convenor. These approaches can be by email or in person. Many issues can be resolved informally at this level.

The course lecturer or convenor will be noted in your Course Outline and usually on the Programs and Courses entry for the course. If you can’t identify who this is, or you are not sure of who to contact, please contact

The staff person approached should respond to the student within 10 working days, where possible. Staff should keep appropriate records of all such communications (email correspondence and brief notes of any face-to-face or phone conversations).

Step 2: Formal Appeal

If the student remains dissatisfied after step 1 and believes that the established criteria of assessment or some aspect of the Assessment Rules or the Student Assessment (Coursework) policy or procedure has not been followed, they should submit to the College Student Centre (, in writing, a formal appeal of the result within 20 days of the notification of the result. In that written appeal, they should state the reasons why the result is inappropriate or incorrect and include supporting evidence.

The Associate Dean (Student Experience) will consider the appeal and may inform himself or herself in any way on any matter relating to the review, including seeking recommended outcomes from other parties.

The Associate Dean (Student Experience) will inform the student of the outcome in writing within 20 working days of receipt of the appeal.

Step 3: Appeal to the Dean

Appeals against the decision of the Associate Dean (Student Experience) regarding assessment reviews or appeals can only be made on procedural grounds to the Dean via the CAP Student Centre ( Appeals to the Dean must be made within 20 working days of notification of the outcome by the Associate Dean (Student Experience).

The Dean will inform the student of the outcome in writing within 20 working days of receipt of the appeal.

The Dean’s decision on assessment appeals is final.

Those students who have submitted a complaint (not an academic appeal), and feel that the issue has not been satisfactorily resolved, may choose to move onto Step 4. Students are encouraged to take advice from the Dean of Students or the student representatives before doing so.

Step 4

For complaints only, students may appeal the decision(s) and/or action(s) with the Deputy Vice Chancellor on the grounds of either process or substance. The DVC will attempt to resolve the complaint within ten working days of receipt unless it is referred back to a previous step. Please email with relevant information.

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