Business... Gangnam style

Brogan Goode

Meet Brogan Goode, an undergrad who is experiencing the best of both the arts and commerce worlds with his Bachelor of International Business.

As a student of international business, Brogan Goode takes great pleasure in making other students jealous.

“I have classes with students studying straight business or commerce, and they ask me what class I’m going to next, and when I say, ‘I’m going to my Korean class,’ they look at me with envy! They say, ‘We want to do that too!’

“Students who do pure commerce degrees often don’t seem to enjoy their degree. Whereas every other student I’ve met doing international business, they’re loving it.”

Brogan says the Bachelor of International Business offers students “the best of both worlds.”

“My degree is cut in half – half arts, half commerce – so it really balances everything. They really bounce off each other, and it gives you a better understanding of why things are the way they are. Before I started, I thought they would be polar opposites, but now I understand that economic outcomes have a lot to do with the history and culture of a country.”

Brogan is interested in working in diplomacy and trade, and says he “fantasises” about joining DFAT. He has chosen to specialise in Korean language and the countries of Northeast Asia, because of their relevance to Australia, particularly in trade.

“We seem to be doing a lot of export with these countries, and there’s always something interesting happening there. I get a bit excited when I read in the newspaper about the political scandals in Japan and China, or regional fighting over islands, and especially Korea, being in the situation it’s in. I’ve actually visited the DMZ in Korea, and it was so surreal. You feel like you’re worlds apart when you come back to Australia, but when you put it into context you realise we’re not that far away.”

Brogan says the expertise of the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific helps Asia seem “on our doorstep.”

“Within the Asia Pacific region there are a lot of countries there, but you’ll be surprised by how many specialists in those countries are here at the College. All it takes is an email to find out who’s up to date on a particular topic. That’s something that’s really important to students, the smorgasbord of knowledge that’s available to us.”

Brogan says studying at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific has “opened his eyes” to the range of postgraduate programs that are available.

“If I decide to do a master’s afterwards, there are a lot of opportunities within the College, which is where I could further hone my Northeast Asian-specialist role.”

And yet another advantage of the Bachelor of International Business? He can complete it in three years, compared to the five or six years it takes to earn a combined Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Asia Pacific Studies.

“I could complete an undergrad and a postgrad degree in that same time!” he says, just to induce a little bit more envy.


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