01427ntc a22002177i 45000010005000000080041000050400026000461000019000722450010000912640029001013000041001303360021001713370023001923380032002155000018002475060028002655200623002935330077009165400079009938560137010723486140313s1914 xx 000 0|eng d aANU:PMBcANU:PMBerda1 aDonaldson T.H.10aDiary c2 May - 16 December 1914 a1 reel; 35mm microfilm. Digital PDF. atext2rdacontent acomputer2rdamedia aonline resource2rdacarrier aAU PMB MS 967 aAvailable for reference2 aDonaldson was one of about 40 British employees of the British-owned Pacific Phosphate Company on Nauru when World War I broke out. Nauru was then a German colony. On 6 September 1914, the Germans deported the British employees to Ocean Island, part of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Protectorate. On 3 November 1914, an Australian force under Colonel W. Holmes, arrived at Ocean Island in the company's ship Messina, reembarked the British employees and returned them to Nauru, which was placed under Australian military control. The diary gives an account of these events and those preceding and following them. aElectronic reproduction:bCanberra :cPacific Manuscripts Bureau, d2014 aAvailable for referenceuhttp://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/pambu/copyright.php41uhttp://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/pambu/digital/catalogue/index.php/diary-9zView this item in the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau Catalogue.