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Additional volcanological records
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Additional volcanological records

  • AU PMB MS 1327
  • Collection
  • 1953-2008

See PMB 1294 Information Sheet for notes on RVO administrative history.
The Rabaul Volcanological Observatory Observatory is responsible for monitoring the activity of the 14 active and 23 dormant volcanoes spread along three volcanic arcs throughout Papua New Guinea and which have produced more than 140 eruptions in the last 200 years. Monitoring is carried out at RVO, 6 "outstation" observatories (Manam, Karkar, Langila, Ulawun, Esa'ala, and Lamington volcanoes) and an unmanned telemetered station (Lamington).
In addition to volcano monitoring, the functions of the Rabaul Volcano Observatory include: geologic reconnaissance and tephrastratigraphic studies (e.g. at Rabaul, Loloru, Hargy and Witori), volcanic hazard assessments (e.g. Rabaul, Manam, Karkar, Langila, Ulawun, Balbi, Bagana, Loloru, Lamington, Victory), assistance in the preparation and revision of volcano emergency plans (e.g. Rabaul, Manam, Ulawun), and applied research on the pattern of activity of the monitored volcanoes with a view to the detection of eruption precursors and provision of warnings.
From World Organisation of Volcanic Obsrvatories website:

Reels 1-2 Box files from RVO Library, including inspection reports: records of Tony Taylor, Long Island 1953-74, Langila 1965, 1970-75, Langila data 1973, Karkar 1974-1979, Bangana 1967-1975, other PNG volcanoes;
Reels 2-3 Information files compiled by Patrice de Saint Ours: RVO History, RVO Contingency Planning 1985-1991, Earthquake 1939-1973, Manam I-III 1958-1997, Langila 1974-1988, Karkar 1981-1983, Lamington 1973-1986, Rabaul and history of events, 1974-1992, Rabaul 1994 Eruption.
Reel 4 RVO Annual Reports 1960-1967, 1969, 1987; loose volcanological reports, 1953-2008;
Reel 5 Additional box files from RVO Library: Manam 1974 Data; Ulawun 1970-1978; Bagana 1959-1976. Correspondence of J.H. Latter, mainly with G.A. Taylor, 1963-1965. Further loose volcanological reports.
See also PMB 1294-1296.
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Rabaul Volcanological Observatory