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Papuan notes and Trobriand Islands linguistic material

  • AU PMB MS 1031
  • Collection
  • 1930-1980

Bernard Baldwin (1907-1990) was born in Preston, England. He studied at the Apostolic School, Douglas Park and later at the Sacred Heart Monastery, Kensington. He was ordained on November 30, 1933. His first appointment was to Eastern Papua, founding mission stations at Milne Bay and the Trobriand Islands. He also contributed a great deal to the islands of Sideia and Basilaki. He spent a total of twenty years in Eastern Papua during which time he wrote numerous articles, mostly on the Trobriand Islands, for <I>Annals of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.</I>

The material comprises a number of translations, grammars and vocabularies in Kiriwinian, Boyowan and Motu. Also included are some autobiographical notes, some observations on the Marist missionaries on Woodlark Island and some notes on the Pauan natives, their preservation and development. These 'Notes from Milne Bay' were written in pencil and are now a little faded.<P>Reel 1: Contains 5 items (Kiriwinian and Boyowan) manuscripts of folk tales; a Boyowan dance songs; Kiriwinian grammars; comments on Malinowski<BR>Reel 2: Grammars; Catholic Catechisms in local languages; notes on the war, Papuan natives and Marists on Woodlark; Revised Motu Grammar and Vocabular by Lister-Turner and J.B. Clarke with annotations by Baldwin; Foundation Vocabularies by A. Capell with additional material by Baldwin; exercise books with local missionary items in local languages. A detailed list of contents is available from the Bureau on request. See also PMB 41, 63 and 64 (linguistic material previously made available for copying by Father Baldwin).
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Baldwin Father Bernard

Biga Boyowa - A notional study of the Trobriand Islands language

  • AU PMB MS 41
  • Collection
  • c.1940

Father Baldwin spent several years at the Sacred Heart Mission in the Trobriand Islands.

In an introduction to his work, Father Baldwin says that Biga Boyowa is the language of the district commissioner's office (in the Trobriands area), mission translations, school programmes and the anthropological works of Malinowski, Powell, Uberoi, and others. He goes on: Mastery of the Biga Boyowa will enable conversation with people of the Lousancays, Marshall Bennets, Woodlarks, Laughlans, Amphletts and a goodly number of those living to the south, upwards of sixteen thousand people. To know the Boyowan language and culture is to know in a way the better half of the language and culture of the rest of the Massim people. Contact with these is frequent and familiar, and the evidence of the interpenetration of their language and culture with Boyowan abundant ...<BR><BR>See also PMB 63 and PMB 64.

Baldwin Father Bernard

Vocabulary of Biga Boyowa

  • AU PMB MS 63
  • Collection
  • 1936 - 1939

Father Baldwin spent several years at the Sacred Heart Mission in the Trobriand Islands. He completed this vocabulary between 1936 and 1937.

A 380 page Biga Boyowa-English vocabulary, inscribed Gusaweta Trobriand Isl. Nov 20th 1939. Biga Boyowa is a Trobriand Island language.<BR><BR>See also PMB 41 and 64. Additional language material by Father Baldwin will be available as PMB 1031

Baldwin Father Bernard

Vocabulary of Bohilai

  • AU PMB MS 64
  • Collection
  • 1934 - 1952

Father Baldwin spent several years at the Sacred Heart Mission in the Trobriand Islands.

A 333 page Bohilai-English vocabulary. Bohilai is the language of Basilaki Island (formerly Moresby Island), one of the islands of the Louisiade Archipelago of Papua. Additional language material by Father Baldwin is available as PMB 1031

Baldwin Father Bernard