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Registers of Melanesian indentured labourers,

  • AU PMB MS 1210
  • Collection
  • 1887-1913.

The copra trade was the core business of the Deutches Handel und Plantagen Gesselschaft. The company had monopoly recruiting rights enabling it to draw labour for its plantations in Samoa from the eastern New Guinea islands and the northern Solomon Islands. The labour registers give the number and name of the labourer, his or her village and district. The registers also note the plantation on which the labourer worked and transfers to employment elsewhere. If applicable, the date and cause of death is noted. There was a high mortality. Otherwise the register notes the date of return. There is also a column for further notes.

Arbeiter Register, Nos.6367-7832, 25 May 1887-24 Feb 1891 [16 Mar 1891];
Arbeiter Register, Nos.7833-9409, 16 Mar 1891-Jan 1897;
Arbeiter Register, Nos.9406-10128, Nos.1-1237, Jan 1897-Jan 1906;
Arbeiter Register, Nos.1238-3187, Jan 1906-Sep 1913.

Deutches Handel Und Plantagen Gesselschaft

Fijian pamphlets collected by Sir Arthur Gordon, Vols.1-5

  • AU PMB MS 1213
  • Collection
  • 1870-1883

Arthur Charles Hamilton-Gordon, first Baron Stanmore (1829-1912) was born in London and served from 1854 to 1857 as a member of the House of Commons. Gordon served as Governor of Trinidad (1866-1870), Mauritius (1871-1874), Fiji (1875-1880), New Zealand (1880-1882) and Ceylon (1883-1890). From 1877 to 1882 he also served as High Commissioner and Consul-General for the Western Pacific.

Fijian Pamphlets, Volume 1, 1877-1879, Items 1-13: pamphlets on the Polynesian Company’s land claims in Fiji; reports on the commercial and agricultural prospects of Fiji; Gordon’s report on the taxation system in Fiji; Wesleyan Missionary Notices; article from Fiji Times on the departure of Sir Arthur Gordon from Fiji; London Missionary Society report on its mission in New Guinea, et al.
Fijian Pamphlets, Volume 2, 1877-1882, Items 1-10: more pamphlets on Polynesian Co land claims; Church Acts of NSW; Constitution of Tonga; Enquiry into Tongan Mission Affairs; Island Voyage; Dayspring Annual report; extracts from The Aborigines’ Friend, et al.;
Fijian Pamphlets, Volume 3, 1878-1883, Items 1-9: Story of the ‘Little War’; Native Councils in Fiji; Fiji at the Sydney and Melbourne International Exhibitions; Gordon’s Aberdeen address on Fiji; Fiji trade report, et al.;
Fijian Pamphlets, Volume 4, 1870-1880, Items 1-18: constitution of the Fiji Federation of Chiefs; and other publication on colonisation, sovereignty, politics and commerce in Fiji.
Fijian Pamphlets, Volume 5, Fiji Ordinances 1875-1878.
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Gordon, Sir Arthur (1829-1912)

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