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Resident Commissioner's Office: Correspondence with Pukapuka Resident Agents

  • AU PMB MS 1411
  • Colección
  • 1921-1953

This collection includes correspondence between the Resident Commissioner’s office with the Pukapuka Resident agents. Topics covered include correspondence, memorandums, telegrams, medical news, health alerts on the island, beetles and insects, burial of the dead, building proposals, ordering supplies from Burns Philp, health, trade and vital statistics, land and succession cases, native school, disputes.
Information about plants, legal cases, improvement to the residency, public works and water supplies, shipping etc.
Includes information on the hurricane damage of 19 Feb 1962, government properties, school inventory, another hurricane in January 1944, Maude's inspection of the islands for possible relocation of Gilbert Islanders on 17 August 1944, annual reports, mat making, shipping of copra
Includes correspondence, information on unrest in Pukapuka and copra growing and shipping.
Includes correspondence, information on the island council, re-purchase of Nassau island with a proposal for working and settling on Nassa in September 1950, information on coconut termites in September 1950

Cook Islands Administration

Archives of the Cook Islands Christian Church

  • AU PMB MS 1410
  • Colección
  • 1849-2013

This collection includes copies of London Missionary Society birth records from 1849 – 1951, Minutes of the Cook Islands Christian Church General Assembly 1950-1972, Baptism and Burial Records Avarua Church 1977-1987, Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records Arorangi Church 1949-1978, Baptism and Burial Records Arorangi Church 1976-2003, Baptism and Burial Records Arorangi 1994-2008, Baptism and Burial Records, Titikaveka 1973-2009, Baptism and Burial Records, Matavera 1978-2008, Notice of intention to marriage records, Akakiteanga Akaipoipo, Avarua 1919-1974.

Cook Islands Christian Church

Press statements and pastoral letters from the Catholic Bishops Conference, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands

  • AU PMB MS 1400
  • Colección
  • 1957 - 2014

This collection includes press statements released by the Catholic Bishops' Conference. The statements cover subjects such as media and social communications (including freedom of the press), education (messages to teachers in Catholic schools, education systems in crisis, religious education), family and marriage (family values, bride price, violence against women, population control, polygamy, domestic violence, Catholic men, Fathers and leaders), Government and politics (Church and politics, Bougainville crisis, elections, leadership in PNG, letters to the Prime Minister, corruption in PNG, village court systems, casinos in the Solomon Islands, deteriorating state of the nation, slush fund concerns, environment, nuclear disarmament, starvation), Health (HIV/AIDS, STDs, Church health services, drug abuse, rural health centres), Justice, peace and development (Famine relief, respect for human life, logging codes, imprisonment of refugees, Australian Asylum seekers), Law and order (guns, attacks, Deaths of Catholic Church members, violence in Port Moresby, death penalty, crime and punishment), Liturgy, Moral and pastoral issues (abortion, Respect for human life, pornography, Charismatic churches in Papua New Guinea, Youth) and Theology (pastoral letters).

Catholic Bishops Conference, Gordons, Port Moresby, P.N.G.

Lynette Walker Photographs of New Hebrides (Vanuatu)

  • AU PMB PHOTO 115
  • Colección
  • 1958-1965

Deaconess Lynette Grace Walker served as an educational missionary in the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) for the Australian Presbyterian Board of Missions. Between 1958-1965, Lyn was based in South West Bay, Malekula where she was a teacher at the South West Bay District School. She also developed a new syllabus.

This collection of annotated black and white photographs and postcards features many missionaries to the New Hebrides from Australia and New Zealand. The collection also depicts landscapes, village scenes, wedding celebrations and Lyn’s departure from South West Bay in 1965. The collection also includes an article from the July 1962 issue of Presbyterian Life magazine about the status of missionary work in New Hebrides and a missionary newsletter to supporters which includes an invitation to the opening of the rebuilt Boyd Memorial Clinic.

Walker, Lynette Grace

Lynette Walker Photographs of New Hebrides (Vanuatu) and New Caledonia

  • AU PMB PHOTO 118
  • Colección
  • 1958-1998

Deaconess Lynette Grace Walker served as an educational missionary in the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) for the Australian Presbyterian Board of Missions. Between 1958-1965, Lyn was based in South West Bay, Malekula where she worked as a teacher at the South West Bay District School. She also developed a new syllabus. From 1971, Walker served as Deaconess for Central Islands (Efate and adjacent islands). Based in Vila, she worked with women, young people and Sunday school teachers. Between 1975-1977, she took on the post of Deaconess for Southern Islands (Tanna, Aniwa, Aneityum, Futuna and Erromango). Walker returned to live in Melbourne in April, 1977 but has continued to visit Vanuatu over the years.

This collection of 319 digitised colour 35mm slides is a selection of images from her time working in New Hebrides, including in South West Bay, Vila, Ambrym, Nguna, Lelepa, Paama and Tanna. The images include church activities, landscapes, volcanic activity and people. There are also photographs of New Caledonia, visited en route to New Hebrides. This collection includes photos of Walker's return to South West Bay in 1998 for celebrations to mark the Golden Jubilee or 50th anniversary of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PVC).

Walker, Lynette Grace

Bentley family papers including letters of Cakobau government and military authorities of Fiji

  • AU PMB MS 1429
  • Colección
  • 1873 - 1965

These papers were found in a suitcase in Victoria, Australia in 2013. The suitcase was labelled with the name of Mr Leonard Charles Norman Bentley. After Leonard’s death, his son, Mr Wilfred Waring Bentley, packed up Leonard’s house and transported many of his belongings to Australia, including the suitcase in which these papers were found. The papers were discovered by Elizabeth Howarth (nee Bentley) after the death of her father, Wilfred Waring Bentley. Though the suitcase had Leonard Bentley’s name on it, there were personal items in the suitcase that indicate it had been packed by Wilfred Waring Bentley.

The Bentley family arrived in Fiji in 1867 when Henry Bentley left Australia to join the cotton boom. In 1871, he left agriculture to work in the government of King Cakobau. He held various posts including chief police magistrate, superintendent of police and controller of general labour. After annexation, he served as sub-agent-general of immigration.

Captain Robert Crawford Miller Bentley was one of Henry’s eleven children. He was five years old when the family arrived in Fiji and at age 13 he was articled to barrister and solicitor Mr W. Scott. In 1883, he was appointed associate to the Chief Justice and later as clerk to the Attorney-General, before moving on to acting-registrar of the Supreme Court and curator of intestate estates. His later posts were as sub-collector of customs and post-master at Levuka. He was the commanding officer of D Company of Levuka in a volunteer defence force under the governorship of Sir George O’Brien.

Robert’s son, Leonard Bentley, worked in the commercial sector, first with Burns Philp and later with Pearce and Co. He was also involved in Levuka Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Levuka Cricket Club and Levuka Regatta Committee. He was also active in the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia and the Holy Trinity Cathedral chapter. He married Margaret Annie Allport Waring who appears in some of the photos in this collection. Margaret was awarded an MBE for her services to the community including her involvement with the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (aka CWM Hospital). Their son, Wilfred Waring Bentley, who brought these papers to Australia, also worked for Pearce and Co.

Many of the papers in this collection appear to be official government correspondence, mostly to or from James Harding during the years 1873-1874. Many of the letters relate to the Ba campaign that was fought throughout 1873, in which Harding played a significant role. There had long been friction around Ba between the Kai Colo of the interior, coastal Fijians and European planters. There was also tension between some of the planters and the Fijian government. A group of rebellious planters, led by Colonel Whyte and J. de Courcy Ireland, were preparing to travel to Levuka with the goal of deposing government, when the Burns family and many of their staff, were murdered by Kai Colo people on the Vunisamaloa plantation. The government responded by sending Fijian troops under the command of Major W.H. Fitzgerald to set up a defensive outpost at the headwater of the River Ba. The settlers were angered by the arrival of this force, believing it incapable of defeating the Kai Colo and putting their own lives and plantations in more danger. They took up arms against Fitzgerald, who was forced to withdraw until he was joined by Captain James Harding, then head of police, with approximately 50 more Fijian troops.

Fitzgerald and Harding lead an attack on the Kai Colo at Na Korowaiwai, killing approximately 170 people. On their return to the coast, there was a skirmish between the armed settlers and Harding’s men. The situation was diffused when White and de Courcy Ireland were detained and the group of armed settlers disbanded. Major Fitzgerald and Major H.C. Thurston then lead a campaign to wipe out the Kai Colo, which came to a head at the village of Na Culi, where many Kai Colo were killed and many were taken prisoner. Having captured Na Culi, the campaign was paused when Harding and H.C. Thurston accused Major Fitzgerald of cowardice and had him court martialed. There are papers relating to the charges against Fitzgerald in this collection.

The letters also describe plantation disputes including land acquisition, evictions and murder, the collection of taxation and other matters. Most letters are between James Harding and government officials G.G. Whalley, G.A. Woods, J.B. Thurston, H.C. Thurston, M.H. Fraser, John Langford, Thomas Mackenzie, and planters such as A. Eastgate, David Hannah, J. de Courcy Ireland and others. There are also a number of letters in Fijian language, including from Josaia Sorowali. There is also a hand drawn map of action near Na Culi on 19 July 1873.

It is unknown how or when these documents came into the Bentley family. Henry Bentley was employed in law enforcement during the years in which much of this correspondence was written but it is unknown if he knew Harding, or if he had contact with these papers in any way. His son Robert Bentley also held government positions, though post-Cession. There are also papers related to the Waring family in this collection, though less is known about this side of the family. There are two letters addressed to Henry T. Waring Esquire, including an offer of the post of government arbitrator in the acquisition of Makogai and Makodraga islands and from the employees of Messrs Henry Cave & Co of Levuka. A Henry Thomas Waring worked as a plantation manager for Colonial Sugar Refining Company on the Rewa River in the Nausori area and was later a customs officer in Levuka.

Also included in these papers is a collection of verses, Government Gazettes, photos of the Waring family, other photographs and Turpin’s Almanac 1873. There are also envelopes addressed to Mrs LC Bentley (Margaret Bentley), hospital Christmas cards from 1955 and a newspaper article on Mr Leonard Charles Bentley.

Bentley Family

Bougainville photographs

  • Colección
  • 1990 - 1992

This collection of 34 photographs were taken by Fr. Franz Herkenhoff and Br. Bryan Leak between 1990 and 1992 in Bougainville.
The photographs document aspects of the Bougainville conflict as well as the people Fr. Herkenhoff worked and lived with.

Herkenhoff, Franz

Photographs from a teacher’s missionary work in Samoa

  • AU PMB PHOTO 123
  • Colección
  • 1990-1991

This collection depicts the life and work of Australian missionary school teacher Richard Arbon in Samoa, and his work
predominantly on the island of Savaii on behalf of the Uniting Church World Mission – formerly the Central Methodist Mission.

Arbon Family

Roger Southern Photographs of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and University of Papua New Guinea [UPNG], 1969-1973

  • AU PMB PHOTO 125
  • Colección
  • 1969-1973

These 152 35mm slides were taken between October 1969 and November 1973 by Roger Southern, who was then teaching at the Department of Geography at the University of Papua New Guinea [UPNG] and was researching a master’s degree with the University of Bristol for which he travelled to the PNG Highlands to observe the place of roads and road transport in economic change.

The images illustrate ten themes:

  1. TRADITIONAL HIGHLAND VILLAGE LIFE, Lumusa area, Baiyer River district [Images 1 to 25]
  2. BAIYER RIVER, local roads, and the emerging cash economy [26-46]
  3. BAIYER RIVER, the Baptist Mission and Enga Enterprises coffee cooperative[47-57]
  4. ALONG THE HIGHLANDS HIGHWAY, road making and road transport in a challenging environment [58-76]
  5. ULYA COFFEE PLANTATION, people, activity in and around the plantation [77-94]
  6. MOUNT HAGEN, images of the town [95-104]
  7. WAHGI VALLEY, KINDENG, the tea plantation [105-113]
  8. WAHGI VALLEY, KINDENG, the smallholder projects [114-126]
  9. UPNG [UNIVERSITY OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA], the campus and some events [127-137]
  10. UPNG [UNIVERSITY OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA], the students [138-152]

The late Edith Watts MBE and the late John Watts MLA provided many of the opportunities for images 1 to 126 to be made. Southern also remembers fondly the students and staff of the brand new and exciting University of Papua New Guinea [images 127-152].

Southern, Roger

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