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The Marshall Islands Journal

  • AU PMB DOC 543
  • Collection
  • 1965-

The Marshall Islands Journal is the newspaper of the Marshall Islands. It began in 1966 and was known as:
1967-1969 – The Marshall Islands Journal
1970-1973 – Micronitor (starting in Dec 1973 [Vol 4 no. 46], changes title to Micronesian Independent)
1974- mid-1980 – Micronesian Independent
1980-2016 – The Marshall Islands Journal Some articles in this newspaper relate to other Pacific Islands as well as the Marshall Islands.

The newspaper was established by Joe Murphy and Mike Malone, two Irish-American expatriates who were in the Marshall Islands. [They claim to have started in 1970; the first three volumes from 1966-1969 appear to have been published by others].

The newspaper was published usually once a week, sometimes monthly, although some weeks it was not published and throughout the 1980s it was sometimes produced as regularly as 3 times per week when Dan Smith, a former Peace Corps Volunteer assisted.

The newspaper set up offices in Truk (Chuuk) and Ponape (Pohnpei) and Saipan. It appeared in other Trust Territory districts under the alias of Marianas Weekly or Ponape Sun. The newspaper simply made print runs using a different masthead.

Giff Johnson became the editor in 1984 and assumed day-to-day responsibility for the newspaper. Giff continues to work as the editor today in 2016.

Micronitor News and Printing Company

Lynette Walker Photographs of Vanuatu

  • AU PMB PHOTO 119
  • Collection
  • 1988-1998

Deaconess Lynette Grace Walker served as an educational missionary in the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) for the Australian Presbyterian Board of Missions. Between 1958-1965, Walker was based in South West Bay, Malekula where she worked as a teacher at the South West Bay District School. From 1971, Walker served as Deaconess for Central Islands (Efate and adjacent islands). Based in Vila, she worked with women, young people and Sunday school teachers. Between 1975-1977, she took on the post of Deaconess for Southern Islands. Walker returned to live in Melbourne in April, 1977 but has continued to visit Vanuatu over the years.

This collection of 389 digitised colour 35mm slides is a selection of images from three return visits in 1988, 1995 and 1998. 1995 marked the centenary anniversary of the arrival of Robert Boyd, the first missionary to South West Bay. 1998 marked the Golden Jubilee or 50th anniversary of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PVC). This collection features images of Port Vila, Iririki Island, Onesua (Efate), Talua (Espiritu Santo), South West Bay, Lawa, Lorlow, Wintua (Malekula) and Lenakel (Tanna). The photos feature former missionaries and church office bearers, Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union (PWMU) activities, historical plaques and the Dayspring IV canoe.

Walker, Lynette Grace

Taumua Lelei. Nuku'Alofa Tonga: Bishop Blanc. 1+June 1929+(?)

  • AU PMB DOC 1
  • Collection
  • June 1929-October 1939

Bishop Blanc was Vicar Apostolic of the Tongan Islands. For other microfilms relating to his work in Tonga see OMPA 24 and OMPA 25.

Nos. 1-125 of a monthly Tongan Language newspaper. Each issue has approximately 8 pages measuring 15 x 10 inches. Issues 1-56 contain Bishop Blanc's Hisitolia o Tonga, 950-1893 also microfilmed in OMPA 24.

Blanc, Joseph

Tonga Government Gazette

  • AU PMB DOC 100
  • Collection
  • 1911-1921

Official meeting publication of the Tonga Government.

Reel 1: Issues 1911 to 30 Oct. 1917: annual returns are bound, and filmed, with 1911-1913<BR>Reel 2: 2 Nov. 1917 - 1921

Tonga Government Gazette

Journal des Missions Evangeliques Societe des Missions Evangeliques, 1826 -

  • AU PMB DOC 101
  • Collection
  • 1826

The Societe des Missions Evangeliques, a French Protestant body founded in 1826, took charge between 1863 and the 1880s of Protestant missions and schools established by the London Missionary Society in the Society Islands and the Austral Islands. It established missions in New Caledonia in the late 1890s and in the early C20 in the Loyalty Islands which had been under LMS influence.<BR>The <I>Journal</I> includes many articles on the French Pacific Islands: these are indexed in P. O'Reilly's bibliographies of New Caledonia and French Polynesia.<BR>The Pacific Manuscripts Bureau does not hold reproduction rights for this material. Orders should be directed to ACRPP, 4 Rue Louvois, Paris FRANCE

Issues for 1826

Journal des Missions Evangeliques

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