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Roman Catholic Church - New Caledonia Colección
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General correspondence and miscellaneous papers

  • AU PMB MS 172
  • Colección
  • 1836 - 1954

Please see PMB 161

Cabinet APM IV ONC:<BR>Correspondence dated October 1912-December 1913 and 1914-20<BR>Cabinet APM I ONC:<BR>1. Dossier classified 'Geography': article on the mineral wealth of New Caledonia; chapters entitled 'Cullinary Arts of New Caledonia', 'Clothing', 'Games and entertainments', 'Music', 'Fabric, Basketry, Cordage, Pearl Money', 'Tools and Weapons'.<BR>2. Dossier classified 'Philology': list of publications in indigenous languages; biographical details of Father Jean Hervier, SM. and a list of his publications on New Caledonia Gastropods; biographical details of Xavier Montrouzier, SM, naturalist<BR>3. Dossier classified 'Sacred Congregation': Correspondence dated 1859, 1878, 1887, 1888, 1905, 1907, 1954 (In Latin)<BR>4. Dossier of letters to the local civil administration 1855-63<BR>5. List of articles from Mission Catholiques, 1869-1945<BR>6. correspondence list 1836-87, giving place of writing, name of correspondent, date written. List of correspondence from Mgr Douarre, 1836-46.<BR>7. Dossier comprising Rules of the Vicariate of New Caledonia 1843-1889 (in Latin) and related correspondence; map of South Pacific; Rules of the Vicariate of New Caledonia 1843-53 (in Latin)<BR>8. Dossier entitled 'Lay Relations', comprising a letter about New Caledonia dated 28 December, 1859<BR>9. Correspondence of Mgr Douarre to the General Administration, 1842-53<BR>

Roman Catholic Church - New Caledonia

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