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Vocabulary of the Hawaiian language

  • AU PMB MS 198
  • Collectie
  • 1828 - c.1844

The Rev. Artemas Bishop (1795-1872) was a missionary sent to Hawaii by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. He was the author of a book of English and Hawaiian words and phrases published in Honolulu in 1854. He appears to have been the most probable compiler of the vocabulary described here.

A vocabulary of approximately 150 pages with a foreword dated 12 May 1844 and signed A.B. The first page of the vocabulary proper bears the date 1828

Bishop Rev. Artemas(?)

Letters from the Pacific Islands

  • AU PMB MS 106
  • Collectie
  • 1844 - 1846

<I>Times and Seasons</I>, which was published at Nauvoo, Illinois, was a publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints before the split that resulted in the establishment of the Reorganized Church in Lamoni and later, Independence, Missouri, and the Church at Salt Lake City, Utah.

The letters were written by Addison Pratt, Benjamin Grouard and Noah Rogers, the first missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to serve in the South Pacific. They were mainly on the island of Tubai, Austral Islands.<BR>For other publications of the Reorganized Church see also PMB 92, 93 and 100 for <I>The Saints Herald</I>, PMB 94 and 109 for <I>Autumn Leaves</I>, PMB 104 for <I>Zion's Ensign</I> and PMB 105 for <I>Journal of History</I>.

Times and Seasons

Diary, journal and letters (Wesleyan Mission in Fiji)

  • AU PMB MS 1185
  • Collectie
  • 1838-1846

Rev. Thomas Jaggar was a Wesleyan Missionary in Fiji from 1839 till 1843. He lived at Rewa during a very significant time in Fiji’s post-contact history, including the years when the protracted war between Rewa and Bau broke out in 1842. He was probably the only European living among the Rewa people between 1839 and 1843, who kept a detailed record of events. He understood the language and he was in frequent communication with the chiefs.

<LI>Journal, 1838-1843 Frame Nos.1-241</LI>
<LI>Private [spiritual] journal, 1845 Frame Nos. 242-319</LI>
<LI>Letters to Thomas Jagger, 1838-1846 Frame Nos.320-351</LI>

One of the most valuable original items in the Methodist Church archives held in the Fiji National Archives is the diary of Rev. Thomas Jaggar, commencing when he arrived at Lakeba on 22 December 1838 and continuing on to his residence at Rewa from 12 July 1839 to the abrupt concluding entry on 26 March 1843.

Jaggar’s great great granddaughter, Esther Keesing-Styles, together with her son William, edited and published the diary in 1988 [ Unto the Perfect Day: The Journal of Thomas James Jaggar, 1838-1845, Auckland, Solent Publishing 1988]. Keesing-Styles included with the Rewa diary a second private and mainly spiritual diary of Thomas Jaggar, kept from 30 April to 30 September 1845; this diary had not been part of the original Methodist Collection but has now been added to it together with a folder of letters written to Jaggar between 1838 and 1846.

(From Andrew Thornley’s report, Pambu, Vol.5, No.12, May 2001.)

Jaggar, Rev. Thomas James

Mercantile journal kept in the Danish Corvette Galathea

  • AU PMB MS 199
  • Collectie
  • 1845 - 1847

The corvette <I>Galathea</I> made a voyage to the Pacific in 1845-47. Nopitsch published a book in German on this in Hamburg in 1849. See item 1089 in <I>Bibliographie de Tahiti et de la Polynesie Francaise</I> by O'Reilly and Reitman (Paris, 1967).

Largely concerned with the daily expenses of the <I>Galathea</> expedition while in different ports. There are also general remarks on the trade at each port. Remarks on the Hawaiian Islands appear on pp.240-75 and on Tahiti on pp.276-7.

Nopitsch W.H.

Extracts from the autobiography of William Diapea alias Cannibal Jack

  • AU PMB MS 1432
  • Collectie
  • 1843 - 1847

William Diaper was born in Ardleigh, England on 11 November 1820. His parents died when he was young and in 1937, at the age of 16, he left England for Hobart Town on board the Joshua Carroll, using the alias John Jackson. He spent the remainder of his life as a beachcomber, living in, and travelling around the islands of the Pacific Ocean and neighbouring countries.

Diaper (spelled Diapea in this manuscript), who came to be known as Cannibal Jack, filled 19 copybooks with accounts of his life. This manuscript is books 9, 16 and 17 only; the remaining books were burned after his death. These three books were given to the Rev James Hadfield by Diaper in Mare, Loyalty Islands (New Caledonia) in 1889. They describe his life and travels in Fiji, Fortuna and Tonga, covering the period 1843-1847. The manuscript was not considered appropriate for public consumption until 1928, when it was published by Faber and Gwyer of London, albeit with the omission of one passage from this the original manuscript.

In these pages, Diaper gives his accounts of fights and other close encounters, observations of various cultural practices, trade of beche de mer, tortoiseshell and other commodities, Tongan communities in Fiji, absconded sailors, the volcano at Tonualei, tensions between traditional and Christian beliefs, pig farming and court cases, amongst other stories and observations.

He refers to places such as Ovalau, Monta, New Caledonia, Wallis Island, Manila, China, India, Horne Islands, Fortuna, Vanuau Levu, Cikobia, the Macuaca coast, Neteva Bay, Naviu, Udu Point, Taviuni, Somosomo, Lekeba, Ogea, Wacewace, Vatoa or Turtle Island, Hapai Islands, Komo, Moce, Tonga or the Friendly Islands, Tofua, Kaau islands, Tugua, Lefuka, Vavao, Niafu, Tonualei, Utue, Fonualea and other places.

He mentions plantations managers Mr M (R. Estate) and Mr E (Deumbea Estate), missionary Rev J Hunt, Bonavidogo, Tue Macuaca and his widow, George Rodney Birt, Proctor, Sam the King, King of Lomaloma, Tuecakau, Cakobau, C. Pickering, Dr Lythe, Chief Lua, Vuetasau, Mr and Mrs Calvert, Ratu Finau, Captain Bligh, Ande Litia, missionary Paula, Komo, Mara (half-brother of Cakobau), Uluqalala, Josiah alias Lauji, missionary Mr Webb, King George alias Tupo or Tuekanokopulu, missionary Mr Raborne, Miss Lepone, Master Joele, Mr J. Williams, old Joe, Netane, Utue, Maata, missionary Mr Turner, Old John, American whaler Powel, Robert Stevens, Captain Dillon/Chevalier Dillon and others.

Diaper, William

Whaling logbooks, and other documents, copied in New England (USA) repositories

  • AU PMB MS 215
  • Collectie
  • 1792 - 1847

Please refer to the full entry in PMB 200

For indexes see American Whalers and Traders in the Pacific, Robert Langdon, ed., Canberra, 1978 and Where the Whalers Went, Robert Langdon, ed., Canberra, 1984.<BR>Information is provided in the following format: Name of ship (in upper case); Name of Captain/Logkeeper; Date of voyage; Area or places visited.<BR>BRITANNIA; Murray; 1792-96; Continued from reel PMB 214<BR>ENDEAVOUR; Murray; 1795; New South Wales, New Zealand<BR>PROVIDENCE; ?; 1796; New Zealand, Loyalty Islands<BR>DERBY; Pickman; 1803-4; Mauritius, India<BR>ESSEX; ?Orne; n.d.; Batavia, Manila<BR>JAVA; ?Lander; 1804-5; Mauritius, India<BR>MINERVA; Bickford; 1804; India<BR>REWARD; Lambert; 1802-4; India<BR>MARY; Coffin; 1804-5; Indian Ocean<BR>PONPEY; ?Gilchrist; 1802-3; Sumatra<BR>CORDELIA; ?Stuart; 1804-5; South America<BR>FANNY; ?Smith; 1802-3; Australia, East Indies<BR>ARAB; Barton; 1805; Ceylon<BR>HOPE; Emery; 1805; Senegal<BR>ACUSHNET; ?Rodgers; 1845-47; Whaling Cruise<BR>ALERT; ?; 1819-20; China<BR>ALLBREE; ?; 1833; India<BR>BELISARIUS; ?Crowninshield; 1797-98; India<BR>BELISARIUS; Boardman; 1806-7; India<BR>

New England Microfilming Project

Papers re Galathea expedition

  • AU PMB MS 475
  • Collectie
  • 1845 - 1847

The corvette Galathea made a voyage to the Pacific in 1845-47. Bille, the commander, published a book on the subject Beretning om Corvette 'Galathea's' Reiseomkring Jorden 1845, 46, og 47, 3 vols (Copenhagen, 1849-51).

The papers largely concern the organisation and financing of the Galathea expedition. There are some letters by Bille to the Danish Admiralty and the Generaltoldkammer og Commerce Collegium concerning his visit to Hawaii. They also concern the treaty signed between Hawaii and Denmark on this occasion. All are in Danish. There are also some cuttings from The Polynesian and two printed copies of the Hawaiian-Danish Treaty.

Bille Steen Andersen


  • AU PMB MS 923
  • Collectie
  • 1845 - 1848

Mgr Collomb, of the Society of Mary, was Bishop of Antipheles and Vicar Apostolic of Melanesia and Micronesia

The journal is in three exercise books:<BR>Vol.1: November 1845 - March 1847, includes voyage from Europe to Sydney<BR>Vol.2: April 1847 to Collomb's death in July 1848. It includes an account of the abandonment of the Marist mission at San Cristobal, 3 November 1847, and the arrival at Woodlark Island, 15 November 1847; also the division of the missionaries, 9 May 1848, with Montrouzier, Thomassin and Bro. Aristide remaining on Woodlark, and Collomb, Fremont, Villien and Bro. Optat starting a mission on Rook (Umboi) Island.<BR>Vol.3: A collection of copies of letters and an account of events remembered by Collomb beginning April 1847. (Collomb mislaid his journal for a time and believed it lost. He tried to reconstruct it from memory. Then the journal was found and continued.)

Collomb Mgr

Whaling logbooks, and other documents, copied in New England (USA) repositories

  • AU PMB MS 857
  • Collectie
  • 1843 - 1848

Please refer to the full entry in PMB 200

For indexes see American Whalers and Traders in the Pacific, Robert Langdon, ed., Canberra, 1978 and Where the Whalers Went, Robert Langdon, ed., Canberra, 1984. Information is provided in the following format: Name of ship (in upper case); Name of Captain/Logkeeper; Date of voyage; Area or places visited. GEORGIA; Hull; 1846-48; Pacific PERUVIAN; Brown; 1843-45; Pacific

New England Microfilming Project

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