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Papuan notes and Trobriand Islands linguistic material

  • AU PMB MS 1031
  • Collection
  • 1930-1980

Bernard Baldwin (1907-1990) was born in Preston, England. He studied at the Apostolic School, Douglas Park and later at the Sacred Heart Monastery, Kensington. He was ordained on November 30, 1933. His first appointment was to Eastern Papua, founding mission stations at Milne Bay and the Trobriand Islands. He also contributed a great deal to the islands of Sideia and Basilaki. He spent a total of twenty years in Eastern Papua during which time he wrote numerous articles, mostly on the Trobriand Islands, for <I>Annals of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.</I>

The material comprises a number of translations, grammars and vocabularies in Kiriwinian, Boyowan and Motu. Also included are some autobiographical notes, some observations on the Marist missionaries on Woodlark Island and some notes on the Pauan natives, their preservation and development. These 'Notes from Milne Bay' were written in pencil and are now a little faded.<P>Reel 1: Contains 5 items (Kiriwinian and Boyowan) manuscripts of folk tales; a Boyowan dance songs; Kiriwinian grammars; comments on Malinowski<BR>Reel 2: Grammars; Catholic Catechisms in local languages; notes on the war, Papuan natives and Marists on Woodlark; Revised Motu Grammar and Vocabular by Lister-Turner and J.B. Clarke with annotations by Baldwin; Foundation Vocabularies by A. Capell with additional material by Baldwin; exercise books with local missionary items in local languages. A detailed list of contents is available from the Bureau on request. See also PMB 41, 63 and 64 (linguistic material previously made available for copying by Father Baldwin).
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Baldwin Father Bernard

Patrol reports, New Britain, 1926-1931

  • AU PMB MS 1036
  • Collection
  • 7 August 1926 - 24 December 1931

Ian McCallum Mack (1900-1933), born at Jan Juc, Victoria, was the great-grandson of the pioneer settler, Joseph Gardner Mack and great-great-grandson of the First Fleet surgeon, William Balmain. He was appointed as a Patrol Officer in 1926, stationed at Kokopo and later Talasea. In 1931 he was transferred to the Morobe District and in June 1933, while Acting District Officer, he was attacked by a group of escaped prisoners in the village of Aimontina, Upper Ramu. Severely wounded by arrows, he was taken to Salamaua Hospital where he died on 18 June 1933.

The collection consists of 21 Reports bound into two folders. The first folder contains 20 Reports (a total of 255 pages) covering the areas: Central Bainings; Biag Biag River; Kaliai Sub-District; French Island Group; East Nakanai; West Nakanai; Kilengi; Sahe; Bariai; Wariai; Kaliai; Sub Divisions D & E of Gasmata; Pulie River; Siassi Islands; Wide Bay; Waterfall & Jacquinot Bays; Sub District A of Gasmata; Unea Island, Witu Group; Kombe; Lolo; Lamogai; Biblings. The second folder (182 pages) covers the Western Sub-Divisions of Talasea and unknown country between the Itni River and the Wariai coast. Some of the pages are damaged and in many cases page numbers may be confusing, i.e. the same page number has been used twice. In addition to routine activities of collecting Head Tax, checking or taking census and generally reporting on native conditions, Mack was required to bring natives under government control. Report number 21, the second folder, contains his diary, hand-drawn maps and 45pp of linguistic material as well as general observations on plantations, missions, roads and other aspects of village life. A detailed listing is provided at the beginning of the reel.
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Mack, Ian McCallum

Articles, letters and miscellaneous papers

  • AU PMB MS 1042
  • Collection
  • 1873 - 1907

Please see PMB 1039 for full entry
This collection (MS 7080, Box 3) consists of the following:<P><BR><P>FOLDER 1 - Letters to Lorimer Fison<BR>Items 9-11; George Taplin, 1873: Meru tribe kinship, Murray River<BR>Items 12-19; R.H. Codrington, 1892-3: New guinea and Melanesian languages<BR>Items 20-22; H.M. Jackson, Government House, Suva, 1903<BR>Items 23-24; Wm MacGregor, 1888: New Guinea ethnology and languages<BR>Items 25-37; Basil Thomson, 1893: Fijian culture; recall to London<BR>Items 38-39; A.W. Howitt, 1905<BR>Items 40-41; J.G. Frazer, 1907: Frazer compliments Spencer and Gillen on their work and discusses his plans for an anthropological fund at Liverpool, UK.<BR>Items 42-48; W. Skeat, 1903-4: Fiji/Tonga linguistics; publication of Fison article<BR>Items 49-59; J.B. Thurston, 1872 (incomplete) and 1893<BR>Items 60-61; W.E. Bennett, 1903<BR>Items 62-63; S.E. Peal (incomplete)<BR>Items 64-65; Letter from J. Hall, Fison's secretary, to J.G. Frazer, 1905<BR>Item 65a; List of distinguished acqaintances<BR>FOLDER 2 - Correspondence with J.G. Frazer<BR>Item 66-104; 1896-1907: mostly anthropology of Australian aborigines<BR>FOLDER 3 - Notes and Tables<BR>Item 105-167; Mostly in Fison's hand, includes 7 returned questionnaires. Principal subjects are kinship and lanaguage among the Australian aborigines, but there is also material on Dobu (New Guinea) and Fijian languages. Includes kinship tables for tribes in the Murray River, SA; Murray/Darling; Yorke Peninsula, SA; Omeo & Gippsland, VIC; Jervis Bay, NSW areas.<BR>FOLDER 4 - Articles<BR>Item 168-208; A signed mss copy of 'Land tenure in Fiji'<BR>Item 209-224; Fellows, Rev. S.B. 'Grammar of the Pannieti dialect, British New Guinea, together with comprehensive vocabulary'. Proof copy<BR>Item 225-233; Sketch maps (2) and comparative lists of the vocabulary of New Guinea dialects: Saibai, Uroi, Baribara, Kaura, Moi, Wapi, Ari, Moipalo, Kubilo, A'loto, Bau, Gaiga, Kaipu, Kaurarega, Gudang<BR>Item 234; Note (incomplete) on numerals of New Guinea dialects<BR>Item 235; A comparative vocabulary of New Guinea languages<BR>FOLDER 5 - Transactions and proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, vol.X,February 1874<BR>Item 236; On pp.154-179 is Fison's article 'The classificatory system of kinship'. The volume bears the signature of E.M. Curr and his handwritten critique of Fison's article.<BR>Also marked in the table of contents is an article, on pp. 100-105, 'Abstract of a paper on aboriginal art in Australasia, Polynesia, and Oceania, and its decay' by H.E. Pain.<BR>

Fison, Rev. Lorimer

Papers regarding Pacific linguistics

  • AU PMB MS 1056
  • Collection
  • 1897-1938 {Bulk: 1913-38}

Highly regarded German linguist who researched and published extensively on the languages of Africa, South East Asia and Oceania. Much of Dempwolff's Pacific field research was carried out in German New Guinea during the years 1909-14.<BR>(See: Robert Blust, Dempwolff's contributions to Austronesian linguisitics, Afrika und Ubersee, vol. 71, no. 2, 1988, pp. 167-76)

Handwritten and typescript notes and drafts, mostly in German, on the languages of New Guinea and Tahiti, with some comparative material drawing upon some languages of South East Asia (eg: Tagalog and Malay) and New Caledonia. The bulk of the material was written by Dempwolff in preparation for academic publication during the 1920s and 1930s. Also included is some associated correspondence and some research notes made during field work. The New Guinea languages covered include Tuna (New Britain), Kate, Graged, Sia, Jabem, Adzera, and Sepa. The material on the Tahitian language draws upon information supplied by Christian Schacht.<BR>A detailed inventory appears at the beginning of each reel.
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Dempwolff, Otto, 1871-1938

Research notes on the Gilbert Islands

  • AU PMB MS 1057
  • Collection
  • c.1956-1962

Educated at Cambridge, Harry Maude spent the years 1929-48 working as a civil servant and administrator in various Pacific Islands, in particular the British colony of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands. From 1948-57 he worked for the South Pacific Commission, following which he worked as a Research Fellow for the Australian National University Research School of Pacific Studies until 1971. He has published widely on aspects of Pacific Islands history and was a prime mover in the establishment of the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau. The bulk of his personal papers are held at the University of Adelaide Barr-Smith Library. A refined version of some of Professor Maude’s research notes on the history of the Gilbert Islands has been published as, H.E. Maude (compiler), The Gilbert Islands Observed. A source book of European contacts with and observations of the Gilbert Islands and the Gilbertese, Adelaide, Homa Press, 2006; 148pp.

Seven volumes of typescript and Ms research notes and transcripts relating to the history of the Gilbert Islands, microfilmed in the following order:
Gilbert Islands (general) 1870-1879
Gilbert Islands (general) 1880-1889
Gilbert Islands (general) 1890-1899
Gilbert Islands (general) undated
Gilbert Islands (general) to 1849
Gilbert Islands (general) 1850-1859
Gilbert Islands (general) 1860-1869
The documents in each file are arranged in chronological order. The notes were taken from such sources as the Archives of the Western Pacific High Commission and various newspapers. Interleaved is some of Maude's original correspondence relating to the Gilbert Islands. Topics covered in the notes include missions, the labour trade, copra, customs, trading activities, health, education, historical events, murders, Ocean Island and visits of ships.

Maude, H. E. (Henry Evans), 1906-

Miscellaneous manuscripts

  • AU PMB MS 1065
  • Collection
  • 1933 - 1970

Independent Society established in 1963 with initial New Zealand Government support.

  1. Shipping Notes compiled by W.G. Coppell, 1962-67, nos. 1-149 (MS 72).<BR>Typescript research notes consisting of extracts from various primary and secondary sources referring to ships which have visited the Cook Islands.<BR>2. A.B. Donald and Co. Cook Islands Shipping Register, May 1949 to November 1970.<BR>3. Narrative of Charles James Ward (born 1856, died 1933) of Rarotonga, prepared by G.H. Davis, Postmaster, 1933 - typescript, 11 pages (MS 16). Ward first visited Rarotonga in 1881. He later settled there, working initially as a skipper of island schooners and later as a storekeeper.<BR>4. Correspondence of William McBirney (born c.1871, died 1956), 1947-55, relating to the introduction of plants to the Cook Islands (MS 15).

Cook Islands Library and Museum Society

Miscellaneous manuscripts

  • AU PMB MS 1066
  • Collection
  • 1847-1977

Please see entry for PMB 1065

  1. Maori Culture, Rakahanga Island (MS 29). Records of surviving linguistic usages collected in 1956. Given by Apolo Lameka, written by David Alepha, translated by Nooroa Kairenga. (6pp, typescript)<BR>2. Various Acts of the Rarotonga Council, 1893, 1895 (MS 30). Consists of mss drafts and printed versions of Acts in both English and Rarotongan. Includes holograph letter from J.K. Hutchin to F.J. Moss, British Resident, Rarotonga, 26 August 1897 relating to education.<BR>3. English translation of Maretu (MS 28), the story of a London Missionary Society pastor who died in 1880. (n.d., 30 pp, typescript)<BR>4. Correspondence of Lionel H. Trenn, Registrar of the Cook Islands, regarding the design of the national flag, 1958 (MS 26). Mss and typescript, in English and Rarotongan.<BR>5. Inventory of the F.J. Moss Papers housed in the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington (MS 38). (12 pp, typescript)<BR>6. Death notice for Charles W. Banks, 21.3.1915 at Avarua as published in Torea Katarika, no. 15, April 1915 (MS 36).<BR>7. Folklore tales of the Cook Islands (MS 49). Collected, edited and versified by W. McBirney. (n.d., 135 pp, typescript)<BR>8. Holmes, Susan. Report on Nutrition Survey in the Cook Islands, 1954 (MS 11).(36 pp, typescript)<BR>9. Rules of the Rarotongan Lawn Tennis Club, 1921-22; Proofs of Cook Islands Administration, printed for the Mercants and Planters of the Cook Islands, Auckland, 1920; Typescript notes on the Rarotongan language, author unknown, (MS 78).<BR>10. Correspondence of George Fowlds, 1907-1911.<BR>11. Transcript extracts of London Missionary Society correspondence, 1828-1926, assembled by Resident Commissioner Platts. (typescript)<BR>12. Laws of Aitutaki, 1847 (10 pp) and Blue Laws of Rarotonga, 1879. Printed in Rarotongan. (MS 1)<BR>13. Knight, Mark A. (Otago University), Mangaia: a case study of process and adaptation, 1977 (MS 6). (18 pp, typescript)<BR>14. Savage, Stephen, Iro-Nui-O-Mata (undated holograph mss).

Cook Islands Library and Museum Society


  • AU PMB MS 1067
  • Collection
  • 1897-1898

Born in 1839 near Birmingham, England, Banks spent some years in the United States where he fought in the Civil War and was also an employee of Wells Fargo, whose employment he left while under a charge of embezzlement. He settled in the Cook Islands (Atiu) in 1881. He became a trader and lived in Arorangi until his death in 1915. For a period of his life Banks adopted the pseudonym John Scard.

Two diaries with daily handwritten entries describing Banks' life and work as a trader in the Cook Islands. For other Banks diaries see PMB 1068-1070.

Banks, Charles W.


  • AU PMB MS 1068
  • Collection
  • 1892, 1899, 1900, 1904

See entry for PMB 1067

Four diaries with handwritten entries describing Banks' life and work as a trader in the Cook Islands. Banks' diaries for 1897 and 1898 can be found on PMB 1067. Banks' diary for 1903 can be found on PMB 1069-1070.

Banks, Charles W.

Miscellaneous manuscripts

  • AU PMB MS 1069
  • Collection
  • 1891-1973

See notes for PMB 1065 and PMB 1067

  1. Tapere Titikaveka Kauare, a handwritten manuscript in Rarotongan. Consists of journal-type entries dated, 1891, 1903-1909. Some of the entries relate to Tetika Mata'iapo's adoption/fostering of Kautai. Author unknown.<BR>2. Pu Apii Sabati Titikaveka, a handwritten manuscript in Rarotongan. Records the activities of the London Missionary Society Sunday School at Titikaveka, 1939-1947. Included in the mss are some financial accounts listing the names of particular individuals. Author unknown.<BR>3. Mataiti Titikaveka, a handwritten manuscript in Rarotongan. Records the activities of the London Missionary Society Church at Titikaveka. Written in a variety of hands, the mss gives a range of dates between 1895 and 1973, with a large number of journal type entries and financial accounts dated 1913-17.<BR>4. Cash book of Factorei Societe Commerciale at Avatiu, 1882-84 (MS 53).<BR>5. Diary of Charles Banks, Jan.-August 1903 (MS 51). See also PMB 1067-8 and PMB 1070.

Cook Islands Library and Museum Society

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